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Microblogging, Does it work for you?

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Okay, so far so good with my blogging i have posted this and have posted that but technology is moving so fast, faster than ever. Think of this - Friends (social Networking) + Text Messaging + Blog? Can we cope up with technology?

What's What?

Microblogging - (micro-blogging) When you post short, short messages, idea's, thoughts on your personal blog using your handy dandy technology such as instant messaging software or high tech cellphone.

To mention a few Twitter, fotolog, placeshout, pownce, facebook, StumbleUpon, Tumblr and Jaiku. What do you think with this microblogging? is it too much or just keeping up with the technology which perfectly work for those on the move but wanted to keep in-touch with their friends, followers of perhaps blog readers? Some find this very helping, handy and even get addicted to it, Some even take it as an important place for blogging and social networking since Web 2.0 is all over the net but some hate them, can't find friends...blah...blah...blah.

Their is alway something that works for someone that's purely not work for someone else. So i asked does microblogging work for you?

"People who have something to say are the people worth listening to"

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