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Microblogging, Does it work for you?

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Okay, so far so good with my blogging i have posted this and have posted that but technology is moving so fast, faster than ever. Think of this - Friends (social Networking) + Text Messaging + Blog? Can we cope up with technology?

What's What?

Microblogging - (micro-blogging) When you post short, short messages, idea's, thoughts on your personal blog using your handy dandy technology such as instant messaging software or high tech cellphone.

To mention a few Twitter, fotolog, placeshout, pownce, facebook, StumbleUpon, Tumblr and Jaiku. What do you think with this microblogging? is it too much or just keeping up with the technology which perfectly work for those on the move but wanted to keep in-touch with their friends, followers of perhaps blog readers? Some find this very helping, handy and even get addicted to it, Some even take it as an important place for blogging and social networking since Web 2.0 is all over the net but some hate them, can't find friends...blah...blah...blah.

Their is alway something that works for someone that's purely not work for someone else. So i asked does microblogging work for you?

"People who have something to say are the people worth listening to"


Wanna make money online?

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Here's another way you can make money online blogging, as we all know that advertising on blog become more popular, This helps advertisers and bloggers at the same time.

Do you have a blog and want to make some extra money? then bloggerwave gives you the opportunity. Bloggerwave is aiming to be Europes biggest advertising media on blogs and you can help bloggerwave grow so more and more jobs will come.

So if are blogging and looking for other ways to make money online try this it's free to join.

Few Tips for Bloggers

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Blogging is so much fun, in fact for me it's addictive. See, You are so excited to start out writing your new idea's, tips, so motivated and full of inspiration but after a few post you're run out of idea's, you start hunting for fresh, new and different content to feed your readers. Sad is it? But don't be though, Internet is a never ending "beginning" everyday you surf, there something to learn, something new.

So i have few tips for bloggers because we all know there is no quick and easy rules on how to blog but their is surely way to increase traffics, increase exposure and more likely increase your making money blogging. This is not just to where you can get new content for your blog but blogging overall.
  • Define your topic - Once you start writing your post it is important for you to define your topic, stick to it or else you get lost. It's alright to say a little bet of that, a little bet of this specially when you star the post but get back to the main topic people don't want to know what happen to your cat, they don't want to know where, when you buy your jeans, readers are more interested on the topic unless your topic is about yourself then i have nothing to say no more ;).
  • Informative topic always a winner - no matter where we look, if your content is informative no matter what your page rank it doesn't matter you always get a loyal readers...stay informative, subscribe to google alert, google news, join forums, social networking blogcatalog is great place to be because under their discussion board you are keep informed on what's going on the blogosphere's world. Stay Current and always be the first to post the news it's a great feeling remember - Old News is not news. you don't want to turn off your readers.
  • Blogging needs time and effort, so therefore when you blog make some time scheduling, do some research for your topic, make it clear, simple and true. "make it simple but meaty"
  • Keywords, Keywords, Keywords! - make it rich with keyword. Keyword is huge help specially if you blog to make money, if not then it's great for page ranking...make it rich like chocolate rich. ;)
  • Frequency matter's a lot - Measures the number of occurrence of a repeated event meaning the spider will more likely crawl your blog at regular interval when you frequently update you blog content or post.
  • After you publish your post make sure you include your blog's content in an RSS feed to increase readership and distribution or before you start your post check Researchbuzz tools (This is keyword base RSS Feed generator) Add your URL too!. You can also use: ping-o-matic, autopinger
    Yahoo: URL
  • Make sure you do not forget to do the spell checking and proof reading - most of the time reader get turned off when you have poor spelling even grammar, so i suggest use the tool it's just a click away from your post.
Overall if you really value your reader you take care of them and if you make them happy their is very big chance that your readers will subscribe, return and ask for more. And if you are blogging for money it can help you make money online just like that.

And, for you not to run out of content try this:
  1. SearchEngineWatch
  2. CNN News
  3. Google Blog
  4. Google Alert
  5. Google News
  6. Yahoo Search Blog
  7. Webmasterworld
  8. Webpronews
Their still more, the most important is never give up keep on researching and looking for a good content and the more you practice the more you get use the more you improve your blog then soon you will be start seeing your readers grow.

That's for now, i hope you learn something, if you do and like my blog please subscribe or youcan leave some comment...have to go now, i have to drop my kids at school...cheers and enjoy;)


Tobi men or Tobi Women Shop at

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I just want to share this because i love this online store i stumble upon, i even added it to my stumble upon favorite (Thumbs up) - it is actually store online and i was browsing this site and this is the one i really wants to shop everything i need are in here, from women fashion to men...okay where can you find an online store where they have the genuine customer relationships, you are going to have fun shopping with your friends, you get 1-1 care and honest advice (Usually, only the posh can get this kind of treatment) - imagine they have a customer care representative to handle you personally on every interactions so you are very taken care off, What i really love is that they have unique merchandising.

What make tobi special? is that you can your own space, you can create your own account, choose all the brand you like from nudie jeans to seven for all mankind, beauty bars, diesel, bags, sweater name it from A-Z they can get it for you. What i really love is that i can shop for my husband, it is very hard to find something for my husband but now i know what to get him nudie.

This is the next generation shopping online boutique experience, Been simplified for your convenience - imagine your own space, your own customer service representative. To know more about their services why not visit there online shop and start looking for your brand as for me i have a great time shopping my jeans and already found one for my hubby.

;) happy shopping.

What to blog.. do you know?

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How long you've been blogging? 4 months 5-6 or more perhaps...i am sure you have been experience mental block? in this case blog-block (lol) i do, for many times, i love blogging, by blogging i can express anything about everything, But i should say blogging is hard work too - Before we go further i just want to define blog more so that for those new it helps them understand more.

What is blog? blog is very versatile, it goes with anything, everything as matter of fact, it's like journal, diary, can incorporate blog to anything, this are in my opinion some relevant features of blog.
  • Personality - Give your blog some personality (this is hard...visit 43things it help you find what you want)
  • Voice - what's on your mind speak it out - Get Loud if you want
  • Links - Make Friend, Get More Friends and You can Get Paid too!
  • Frequency and feeds - The Best of All. By Just One Click it will reach people, hundreds, thousands even million.
By Blogging i learned a lot, i meet new interesting people and even get to know more about myself. ;)

Enjoy your blogging everyone.


Google Hit who, what, what?

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This is big, it even wake up the sleeping giants after google penalized many sites for selling links.

I love problogger not just because of high page rank but because of contents i love reading darrens post but yesterday after i visited the Top 100Blog's from i was shock because shoemoney is on top 1 and probloggers is at top two and the page rank is down to PR4 it is so shocking up until i read the news and that answers my questions.

Should Google really penalize sites that sells link? We all know google is "Big" we do almost everything on the Internet using googles stuff, they dominate and surpasses yahoo but is it really necessary? or google is just doing something to correct some actions that needed to be corrected and being fair to everyone?

If you are following problogger, there is one video blog that darren did about "why i don't use Adsense on Problogger Anymore" that might made google un-happy and that make's problogger at the top of the list (I don't think so though..), but then again this is what darren said after he's rank down to 4.

Google Justified it's action? Surprise, Surprise or is it? Google warned us most of the time. We all give value and even love Google because of it's quality, the services they give to use as they gives us value as well they never stop experimenting & researching. So i should say Google is perfectly justified in taking steps to protect the integrity of its SERPS(Search Engine Results Pages).
"Lowering page rank of those who sell links levels the playing field for all of us who don't sell them. It is Google's search engine and they can do what they want in order to keep it great and even improve it"

No one knows why this PR dropped dramatically except Google itself. Even Digg is affected.

If you want more updates you can visit Andy Beards blog.


All Aboard. Take the Techno Train

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Technorati is the most Popular for most of the bloggers because this is one way for you get traffic, increase your page rank because of the links and more now, one that i really working is the how to decrease my technorati rank and increase my authority links.

"Technorati Authority is the number of blogs linking to a website in the last six months. The higher the number, the more Technorati Authority the blog has"

It's either you do it the hard work way or easy way it's all up to you. Now, this will help you with your Technorati rank and authority. This train coming from station to station: My Journal station and now in moneyrush station and on the way to your station.

Here are the rules:

1) Write a short introduction paragraph about what how you found the list and include a link to the blog that referred you to the list.

2) COPY the Rules and ENTIRE List below and post it to your own blog. You may want to change the titles of the blogs to help avoid duplicate content issues, and increase the amount of keywords your site can accessible for.. don't change the actual links to the blogs.

3) Take My New Faves and move them into the The Original Faves list.

4) Add 3 new blogs that you've added to your Technorati Favorites to the My New Faves section. Remember to also add the "Fave Me" link next to the blogs you add. (i.e. &add=

5) Add Everyone on this list to your Technorati Favorites List by clicking on "Fave This". Those who want good karma will fave you back. If not, you will for sure get the benefits of faves from the bloggers who continue this list after you.

My New faves

The Original List


Important: Do not forget to Click "Fave This" That's were the Action Starts.

Start Increasing your authority and rank now.

Advertise on Blogs using smorty

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I am sure you've heard inbound link. Some define this as:
  • "Links that direct users to another Web site. When a user arrives at a site from another site, that link is known as an inbound link"
  • "A Hyperlink from one web page to another web page"
  • "A link from an external domain to a site which bringing traffic to that certain site, It is also used to measure link popularity"
This are just few among so many different definition of inbound link but it all comes down to one word "Traffic". Do you know that if you want to get traffic using this way the most popular or shall we call it "Sizzling Hot" at the moment is blog advertising.

There are so many blog advertising you can find there's smorty, sponsoredreview, bloggerwave, blogvertise. advertise on blogs works like natural blog but it connects advertiser to the bloggers, Advertiser will then pay bloggers to write opinions, reviews, create some buzz. There are some stage advertisers instructs you to write just the sites benefits, some wants your overall opinion, instructions must be followed or else it will be declined which benefits both bloggers and advertisers.

Bloggers - Get paid for blogging, if it is your passion, your thing, something you love to do then blog for money imagine you get paid to do the thing that you love to do. Why not! get paid to blog.

Advertiser - As explained above if you want to increase your site rank using inbound link "naturally" and even generate some buzz about your site try advertising on blog it is really great place to advertise your site, you will see that it is the most effective way to generate good search engines results for your site.

For me if you want to make money online get some natural traffic this is one of the best way either your blogger and wanted to blog for money or either advertiser wanted traffic. So we ask Can Advertising on Blog generate natural traffic? Definitely Yes, It's working, it's always going, It's linking, It's advertising.


Make Mistakes, Take some Risk, Don't be Scared

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Do you make mistake? I do, countless.

Everyone makes mistakes and that is what i always reminded with my son. Do not be scared of mistakes, they are your way to success have you hear the saying

"you show me someone who doesn't make mistakes, and I'll show you someone who isn't doing anything!"

It can happen no matter what, what ever the reason...ignorance, miss-understanding, incompetence, Tired maybe. But, do you know that most of the Successful Businessman are risk taker? they are not scared of mistakes, maybe that is why they success. Life is full of....and one of that is "mistake".

So whatever your want in life, either you want to make money online, or just simply love blogging...don't be scared to experiment, make mistake and take the risk because "the most important of every mistakes is what you do "After" you made mistake have you learned anything from it? did you take it as your newly knowledge? if not then you have thrown the most valuable lesson you learned that could have make you a successful person.

It makes you think? please speak your mind.


Why are you blogging?

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I wanted to ask this to all bloggers, why are you blogging?...i have received a comment from brad from my previous post "Gear up for success" don't take this as negative brad, i like your blogs...your comment inspires me to write this post. Please my fellow bloggers as you read this please leave a comment and even participate. What is in it for me? you ask? you will get link as i will put the comments that you left so that will be an added exposure...anyway part of brad comments is "Blogging isnt ALL about money!! Its more of a past-time or hobbist type of job".

So i want to create a conversation regarding this, i was thinking i should have make it as poll but i wanted to make it very interactive and will if i collected some comments "hopefully" i can convert this as post in the end and will inspire some bloggers specially the newly ones.

Why are you blogging? for money?, simply past time and hobby? What is your reason for blogging? I love to hear from you.


Get exposed all in one bookmarklet

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You're using bookmarklet for your blog have you? i bit you are, let see... you are using, Furl, Rawsugar and more... and you are tired of multiple short-cuts? now there is simple solution to that and it's FREE.

Simple to use, fast and save you time. If your looking for more exposure to your blog, one of the best way to drive more traffic to your blog, make blogging more easier.

Currently there are twenty-two at least services onlywires supported but with the single click using onlywire bookmarklet will be able to submit your blog, article to all of those social networking sites.

All you have to do is register it's free to join then you are set to go. Remember though must have a valid login for each service, if you do not have logins sign up with them by clicking on the link provided. it's a not a lot considering it's going drive you back some traffics. You will then link the bookmarklet to your site or drag to your toolbar that's it....done.

Enjoy ;)


Gear up for success

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I have been blogging for almost 4 months now, i want to make money online using blog just like other bloggers and i admit that i am still not satisfied with what i have learned there still so much to learn it really is true that internet is never ending knowledge, it's like big book of everything and i love it because i love to learn, i like changes that for better, i challenged myself more often.
I have a lot of resources, i subscribed to many successful bloggers, article writters etc... because i want to be the same as them making money online and i take it as mentoring for free, just like this morning i stumbled this and i read their article about seo is easy and it brings to my curious mind as i read it, is it really possible? SEO? Easy? i am working hard with my pagerank i want to increase it badly, i read a lot about seo and do some tweak and follow some tips and it amazed me reading their post because they make it so easy piece'y.

I added as one of my resource because their blog offers a lot like internet marketing news, tips that help's me grow like i read their blog "Don't Blog on your blog" It's eye opener for me. I think it's much better of you have a look at their blog and even leave a comment it you like their post.

In connection to my post title just in case your wondering...for us to be able to success we have to gear up (Get mentored, get some resources, follow the leader, follow some tips) and we all get to our success either to make money online, or just simply blogging we all need to "gear up" ;)


Getting the right bargain

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What i like to talk here in my blog today is how to make money using the very obvious marketing strategy that always works either making money online or offline.

How many times have you encountered a salesman trying to make money or sale? car salesman, furniture's, computers and many more other salesman. You probably have notice or see them many times like when me and my husband went to the car yard we are planning to buy 4wheel drive and so their is Mr. Salesman. He gave us the price of the pajero then he said how much the price increase if we didn't get the Pajero today and lose the change of saving our money.That Made me think of the "sensitivity of the time" triggers that Internet marketers including myself uses it most of the time. When i was working as sales account manager at the hardware/software distribution few year ago it's the strategy i really love even for some webmasters with their websites.

If our customer order right then and there, it makes us happy because their won't be anymore follow-up and money on the spot, we have nothing to worry of losing the sales which makes us more happier with our customers with their instant decision we offer an additional bonus or incentive. It happens in other area's too like for example we went to the one of our local market, you choose to buy fish to that store for whatever reason and because he is happy the 1kilo that you ordered is now been discounted, you saved money he get the sale.

You want to buy a regular pack of software. The software are there, the price is right with the right size so why do you buy 3 software where you only need one? Because there was a "limited time" special offer! You were persuaded to buy *twice as much* the number of software you wanted for a special discount as long as you hit the *Buy Now* button it your benefit. It's fascinating strategy. must be psychological effect. The fear of losing out or getting behind on a great deal AND the pleasure of thinking you're getting a right bargain...all in one!

I can't recommend any resource with this it's only based on my own experience and observation, but I'm sure you can find some great books on the topic at If your making money more than usual and increase your sale dramatically then share what you did ;)


Let Talk

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Does it blend? Your wondering what does blend? "Money" it does blend with the environment "Green".

Why is money Green? According to John Snow
When the Treasury started printing notes in 1862, green ink was the most plentiful. That is why they are called “greenbacks”.

Lets Talk Green. Are you aware of your environment? We want to have a say right?, i do...maybe that's why i have my own blog i want to let everyone what's on my mind. enviromentally i want to have a say too! because i love green, i love bushes walking, i love everything in my environment. Do you know that Environment matters on business? Yes and many of world's biggest companies now realise that the environemt matter's on business. it make their company's reputation in great shape, great for public image which also really good for business itself.

I have observed that the ordinary adult person talks less about environment whereas the youngsters are very much aware of the environment and they are even dona a lot to protect our environment. Does it mean that the adult care less than the youth.

Here are the few steps to go green:
  1. Stop Pollution - This is ever Hardiest (China more Booming they get more Polluted too)
  2. Save Water, Power or energy Usage
  3. Make your home more environmental
  4. Don't leave your appliances on standby
  5. Use Less Hot Water at Home
  6. Reduce, Re-use, Recycle
  7. Only Use heater or aircondition when necessary
  8. Get Active with your environment

Did you know:
  • If everyone in the world consumed like the average U.S. citizen, we would need at least four more planet Earths. Purchasing Power: World Watch Paper 166
  • The energy saved by recycling one aluminum can will operate a TV set for 3 hours. ThinkQuest, 2006
  • 1/70th of a teaspoon of mercury can contaminate 20 acres of a lake, making the fish unfit to eat. Computer TakeBack, 18 Aug 2005
  • We are consuming the earth's resources 20% faster than they can be sustained. Scripts Howard News Service, 2006
  • Every 20 minutes, the world adds another 3,500 human lives but loses one or more entire species of animal or plant life-- at least 27,000 species per year., 2006
  • One third of the earth’s soil is now unfit for growing food, due to deforestation, waste disposal and overuse of fertilizers. New York Times, 2002
  • 30 percent of pesticides sold in developing countries do not meet international health and environmental standards. World Health Organization, 2006
  • Every ton of recycled paper saves 380 gallons of oil. ThinkQuest, 2006
This is in participation with the "blog action day". If you want to make difference get involve

Whatever we do, wherever we go we see "GREEN" it's a reminder that we have the big part of our environment. Happy Blog Action Day to all of you guys.


Do you need too?

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I was reading my morning newspaper today and on the adverts page section there is an adverts that caught my attention that say's "Make learning easier" on the body of the ads explains about marketing,all the advantages that you can get to join the seminar and stuff like that then you will be asked to grab your seats now for $---.00 only 100 seats available. Now i wonder how many people actually join this to seat down and listen to the seminar for over how many hours and sometimes last the whole day.

Now a days, with all the technology and internet it is so easy to listen to the lecturer and even read at the same time to follow the lecturer using the text and to make it even more better you could do it as often as you liked, when you liked. I don't see any benefits now of joining seminars where it's going to take you too much time, money and even the comfort and do you know that some lecturer just give you a little bit taste of what they know and spend the rest of there time peddling. you can easily subscribe to the best lecturer, pay a little amount if you have too and "listen it live" in the comfort of your own home, grab your seat, even download streaming audio if you miss some lectures etc...

You will learn a lot and even can start your own business with seminars but you don't need to leave your home to do all this. I remembered when i was invited to be mentored and i listened to there live discussion it really is fantastic and i was thankful that i listened to it because i learned about some affiliate scams and to which affiliate program is better than the rest (Of course they don't advertise any company) but it gives you an next time when you think of joining some seminars think again and see of you can get it from the internet and you could relax on your own comfort.

It's like being at a top quality seminar without the hassles, or the cost!


Simple Step to have your own Favicon running

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I have seen a few fellow blogger don't have favicon yet or just did not display but If you do not have displayed icon yet and want to make your identity and wanted to display your own icon on the browser address bar then here is your guideline on how to add your favicon for your blog. But first in case you're wondering what is FavIcon.

"A favicon (short for "favorites icon" and also known as a page icon), is an icon associated with a particular website or webpage that is displayed in the browser address bar next to a site's URL"
Now lets make it straight to the point and make it easier for you.
Important Note: Make sure you save your template for backup and be can do that by login to Dashboard of your blog and go to Edit Html subtab under the Template tab and see this: Before editing your template, you may want to save a copy of it . Download Full Template.

Follow this Simple Step:
  • Locate the image that you would like to use as your Favicon. Make sure that the dimensions are perfectly square. If you don't have image you can Check this gallery
  • After you generate your favicon.ico you are then asked to download it back to your computer. Download Your Favicon!".
  • upload the icon file to a freeserver like Googlepages. I used Copy down the URL of the icon at your choosen freeserver. Then login to Dashboard of your blog and go to Edit Html subtab under the Template tab. Copy the following code just below title......./title> tags:
  • Save Template, Refresh and view your blog and you can now see your new favicon in action.
Congratulation you can now see your favicon in action and created your identity of your blog.

Another site to make favicon:
  4. - How to create using photoshop
Enjoy blogging! ;)


Want to know why ?

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In a forum that i am part of one member asked "why is that he had enough visitors but no sale?" and not making money online... have you had the same situation? have you ever wondered why?

More traffic = More Money. Is that right? for me it's no, that is miss calculated yup! you read it right, yes you have the traffic alright but the question is do you have the right traffic? Traffic have many use, say for example: you want traffic to increase your rank and get more click on your PPC thats fine but if you are selling other products you have to have the right visitors. Some Buys visitors but in a wrong sort of department and they didn't know that (Buy email addresses from popup on whereas your selling e-books about health...too much in a hurry to earn easy money online but never realized that they are actually missed the quality of visitors.

What we need to know is that "It's the quality of visitor, not the quantity". so therefore if you are selling products find the right and quality visitors and so that you have the better conversion. It's hard work alright but isn't rewarding plus you know that you are actually making money online?

That makes you think ;)



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Update, i just received and email that my blog catalog is approved isn't great!....i just changed the title, so i know now that it is the problem because before it's "Earn Easy money online" it really does sound spamming aye! but now i changed it to "Moneyrush-blogbuzz" it's sounds much better anyway. thanks guys, it makes me feel better now. ;)

Ta for now!

Are you a "DIY" guy?

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I remember about the few days ago when i was watching about the "do-it-yourself rescue" and it just pop out in my mind today about me and my blog, because i "diy" my blog and the result is thing that i think bad result is when i joined myblog catalog a few months and they keep on declining my blog, this is the second time that they declined reason? is my blog sounds like spamming so i went back again and made some changes i re-apply again and now i am waiting for 48hours to see the result. i love seeing my fellow blogger visiting my blog and much more happy if leaving some comments good or bad because that is when i know what's missing with my blog.

anyway, my question is are you a "diy" guy? do you know that there is positive and negative about this attitude? it sometimes useful with our blogging and your making money online " thingies" but it also create bad result.

Many successful businesspeople share the same trait because they are sick and tired of other people telling them what to do. In fact, the "do-it-yourself" mindset can be one of the greatest strengths as an entrepreneur (IMC Insider) it motivates you more since you are the sole responsible with your own actions either you get the great result or lack of result. you basically create your own success.

But "do-it-yourself" have negative side too, being a loner is not really good on you, your monetization or in your blogging in that matter. because when the problem arise there you are you have no one to turn too, no guidance, you get more frustrated -- you've wasted you time and money.

"Do-it-yourself" is great for all of us but there are times specially when blogging we need connections, mentors, guidance and with the help of our fellow bloggers with there blogs tips and tricks, network sites, community sites you can easily get what you want and you reach your goal. Whatever your situation is, an experienced people, bloggers or mentors can help you define your goals and help you exactly what you need to do to reach them -- and then make sure you are-growing and your efforts stay on and won't be wasted.

As for me i am still a "d-i-y" person but i never give up and keep on reaching those goals that i have set upon but with the help of my fellow bloggers blog i learned, will learn and grow. so keep on reaching and doing what you think is good for you and never give up.

I hope you like my blog. before you leave please leave comment and don't forget to answer my poll and survey it is much appreciated. cheers. ;)


Let go fishing...

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Hey you there, how's your day so far? i just finish reading one article about how to improve your blogs and capture more blog readers and one thing i learned is that you also need to make your post title attractive make it as your bait if you can make it crazy "go gaga" if you like to capture there attention do it....but ooooops!!!! do not mislead your reader too it's a big no no because they are not gonna like that.

What our readers like to know?
  • Original content - Research, surveys, well crafted fictions, something to learn..additional knowledge.
  • News - Fresh, original (You have to practice to put some breaking news...just kidding)
  • Personal stories, experiences...or if possible tell them your new ventures, what have you learned today, your something new...But do not talk too much about yourself though they want more about your content, topic, opinions etc...
  • Useful tools, fun stuff, free stuff, tips and tricks, more...
Make it simple but mighty meaty.

Put yourself to your readers shoe's when you read something if it is boring you are tend to change the page aye! but if you get something from the site you even bookmark them so you can get back even wanted more..and make your reader have the "a-ha" impression, we like that. be creative, artistic and make sure that everything is relevant or else two thumbs down and won't get any bookmark at all.

I hope this is helpful...come down now and lets go fishing...;)


Reaching your primary goal

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When you start blogging what is the first thing comes in your mind? do you have particular goal and if there is how many are they? it is very important to set up a goal so that it is so easy for you to make money online you're probably asking whats the connection.

When i start blogging my primary goal is to make money online so i started blogging about the affiliate programs i joined hoping people that reads my blogs will join yeh! yeh! it's spamming alright but i never knew that back then until i saw the result "nothing" but i am newbie, i am only focusing money and not what my readers wants to read about but you know the best part is i learned i take it as everyday is a new beginning for me my fellow bloggers are my mentors and i keep on trying and changing and i want to reach my primary goal.

My new primary goal now is to attract visitors to my blog site. you see when you have a goal that is set every thing is just going with the flow, look what happen if you set a goal like to bring traffic to your blog Once a visitor has clicked-through, the goal is a conversion—selling a product, generating a lead or acquiring a new member or subscriber to your blog and it's a success you are able to make money online it's a cycle. you need to have some sort of method to reach your goal jot down on a piece of paper, collect all methods that you have think off then work on it. A well planned blog is most likely will success. after you put some planning work your plan, and kepp on reaching your primary goal then next you know you are started to become one of the success story online. I have here for you to read on how to get traffic to your blog from seth's blog which i am sure a very great help and an additional knowledge too!

As for me, i am still working on my primary goal, so let's do it together you never hard "Keep on banking then later, go spending"

Happy Blogging and start making money online.


If your new, Experiment you blogs

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I don't see how my blog different from other blog but all i know is that it help me find myself and keep educating me on what is going on in the world of Internet. Have you noticed that the virtual world is the same as our normal world you need connections, you need community and best of all you have to have your own identity and put some authority on it.

I learned a lot online and i wanted to learn more, If your just started blogging and you noticed that there are loads of blog sites that are so beauty and i really admire them specially those who are generating money just by blogging..WOW! and yeah there are lots of them i stumbled this blog that have the list of Top 100 blogger that making money online and even reading there story you really get inspired and even work more on your blog.

If you want to earn money online blogging the first thing you have to work is the content and look of your blog, get some connections, join mybloglog, blogcatalog,bloggernity etc...visit others blog and leave comments and the most important is don't be scared of experimenting your blog, if your new get the inspiration from other bloggers and if needed ask them something don;t be scared to ask because you fellow bloggers are always in a lending hands and if needed will help you to get the success that they are getting too! Because we all believe on Good Karma. ;)

Happy blogging everyone.

You are very much welcome to leave me any comment, i really appreciate it.


How to optimize your site

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I just learned this and thought that it's really great to post it and blogging is really effective ways to share and this is tips&tricks for beginners.

One way to have your page ranking increase is to analyze your site and find ways to improve it. I am working on this matter because i want to make money online and blogging is best way to do it. I tried a lot to improve my site and i want some suggestions if you think i needed it.

Here are what needed to optimized your site and increase your page rank.
  1. This is for your Title Tag - Title is the most important element for search engine, make sure it is descriptive, attractive, containing your important keywords and well describes your web site's purpose. Make sure it is attractive, and well describes your web site's purpose. Stay away from stop words "to,From,Make" etc...consider to remove the stop word as the search engines do not count the stop word.
  2. Keywords - For optimal results it is suggested that a Keyword tag sized between 300 and 500 characters, Keyword tag should contain all the keywords you want to optimize.
  3. Description - Description Meta Tag is an important element for search engines. Again, Make sure it is attractive, and well describes your web site's purpose. The Description tag should contain all the keywords you want to optimize, If you found there is not enough keywords add these keywords to your description tag remember that keyword tag sized are between 300 - 500 characters.
One thing that i noticed with my meta tag before as well is the not in order. Make Sure that it is in order Title, Keywords, Description.

Everyday i learned and this is one of them, It is important that when you learn something make sure you apply them so that you won't forget them and make sure you share them too. I want to learn more for me to make money online from affiliate programs and blogging. I hope that with this tips that i share with you is informative enough and would help you increase you page ranking and start making money online.

Unbelieveble rate 70%+...Do you think it's great?

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With the overflowing opportunity on the internet now a days we have a lot of choices but one thing that we really needed is to be aware of the scam and not so good opportunity. I have many favorite sites that's really generate money and so long as you're being fair too and not abuse thier website everybody is a winner.

I have one that somewhat kind of same as clickbank here are the benefits:
  1. You could Earn 70%+ Profit on Each Sale
  2. Get Paid for Offline Payments - When someone mails in their payment (You can't find this on the other sites)
  3. Get Paid on Auto Responders, On time, Every time, Twice Monthly - Via Paypal, or Check your choice.
  4. Lifetime Cookies means you're customer is tagged for life...You're effort won't get wasted and more.....and oh did i mention Detailed Campaign Sub Tracking?
But the best of this opportunity is that they convert everything that's why you get even more money. What i like the best is the prizes from $10,000 prizes moved up to $15,000 prize giveaways which they continues to October 2007 (Once you create your free TrafficPayouts account and login, you'll see the Prize Rankings so you'll know in real-time how close you are to winning!) isn't it great...

One of the prizes for the first place:
Zenview Trio 20T

($2000 Value)

One secret of this sites is not to abuse because they are fair and help you earn easy money online plus some stuff that you win if you're a hard click here now and join right away you can start earning money in a matter of time. and oh! did i mention that you can Earn even more money by promoting your 2nd tier to other webmasters. You'll earn an additional $5.00 for each sale generated by your referred (2nd Tier) affiliates.

Start earning money online now!


Stay healthy, Be safe, Save money

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This topic is actually not on how you can earn easy money online but this is one that your family to stay healthy, safe and save money at the same time, i don't want to just help you to earn money but also give you some review of where you can save money online. Are you a mother? or a father perhaps? or just a single person trying to save money? oh... well neither to any of those we all encountered problem at home, agree!? i do, i am a mother of 2 and the most concern that i have is my family to be healthy but how to be healthy now a days everything are far too more expensive than before, even to just have some dental checked you get charged huge amount, even the cost of quality supplemental health care is very high.

Last week, i went to my appointment to the doctor for the smear test i paid $35 for the test, then i asked to have my breast check for the lump that i felt and guess what it's $80 just to check the lump and appointment with the doctor after that i will have to do another mammogram and ultra sound for my breast and that's another money out from my pocket. How much money can you spend for your dental, basic health, drug prescription, Chiropractic Visits cost a lot of money that's a big deduction from our budget.

7 out of 10 americans with no dental saving program. My Cousin is very lucky because she is a member of AmeriPlan She said that she really make sure that her family is protected and at the same time she can save money. So i have checked what AmeriPlan Offered i really thought this is insurance but it is not. It is a Discount Medical Plan Organization where you can save not just a dime but tremendous amount of money.

What is AmeriPlan - Began in 1992 and since then they have help thousands and thousands of family. They have Provided high quality and affordable medical care, dental care, prescription drugs, vision and chiropractic care to the average American family.

Hey guys, i think it's time to get ameriplan because even you get your braces done it saves you tremendous amount of money which we all really wanted, what more can we ask in such a wonderful program that no just make our family stay healthy and safe we can also save money.

Lets all have a happy and healthy family ;) shall we.


Great approach to get traffic to your referral links

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Traffic have a very important rule to earn easy money online, if you don't have enough traffic you are not going to be successful with your referral links. I have introduced to many traffic exchanges and i found some useful, some are useless there are some that works for others but there are some that really generate you traffic.

One in particular that is useful for me is, why it's effective? your website is manually reviewed by visitors meaning it is seen, viewed, read and even criticized(positively that is... ;) .

Next, I also used abetop this is an autosurf but very, very effective autosurf, you don't even need to do a lot to make your site to be seen, log in everyday to get 10 points then unlimited url to add..i can say that this is effective because i saw it on my google analytic which shows you where your visitors from and so on...

Cretise will RUN your Referral Links for FREE! If you want to be successful in promoting your referral links them use this, It's free and not wasting your time this is actually most advance credit to advertise system ever.

Of course, with blogs it's different...there are lots of ways you can use if you want to promote your blog and it is more fun too, i enjoy promoting my blog because i am not just meeting new friends, i also learned from other peoples blog, at the moment i am using,, etc...

There are many ways to get traffic, it needs hardwork but it's very rewarding...i get sales and i get friends. So what more can you ask?

Enjoy ;) and start bringing traffics to your link and earn easy money online with you affiliate links.


How to earn money from your blog...

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I have read a lot of people asking on how you can earn money from blogging...i know i have already tackle about this with my previous blog but i want to elaborate more. This is for newbie or those who never have any idea to where to start earning money from there blog.

This is just for you to start or for you to know where to begin then after that you will start finding what to add on your blog that will generate you money of course make sure that you bring traffic aswell or else everything will be for nothing.

Here where you can earn money from blogging.
  1. Adsense - Earn money using relevant ads,the great with this is that google have the ability to match the ads to whats the content of your site so you can earn money and whenever your visitor click on them it's money for you.
  2. Clickbank - This is Digital product retailer, very simple where thousands of the web's most popular products are sold every day. all you have to do is make a hoplink then start promoting digital products. CLICK HERE
  3. Amazon - Webs popular affiliate program.
  4. AuctionAds
  5. Ads-click - Drive your pay-per-click earning in a blink, you can use tag clouds or simply text your choice.

There are many websites that are all over the web all you have to do is research about them once you found them to make sure they really pay or else your effort is just be wasted then put them on your blog bring traffic on your blog then thats can start counting your earnings...Make sure thought that your blog have fresh content so that your visitor will keep on coming back.

So there you go those are just few sites that will generate you easy money online, tested and already have a name (Just a few) there's more. I hope you learned a lot and start putting them on your blog, websites.

Enjoy ;)

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