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Reaching your primary goal

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When you start blogging what is the first thing comes in your mind? do you have particular goal and if there is how many are they? it is very important to set up a goal so that it is so easy for you to make money online you're probably asking whats the connection.

When i start blogging my primary goal is to make money online so i started blogging about the affiliate programs i joined hoping people that reads my blogs will join yeh! yeh! it's spamming alright but i never knew that back then until i saw the result "nothing" but i am newbie, i am only focusing money and not what my readers wants to read about but you know the best part is i learned i take it as everyday is a new beginning for me my fellow bloggers are my mentors and i keep on trying and changing and i want to reach my primary goal.

My new primary goal now is to attract visitors to my blog site. you see when you have a goal that is set every thing is just going with the flow, look what happen if you set a goal like to bring traffic to your blog Once a visitor has clicked-through, the goal is a conversion—selling a product, generating a lead or acquiring a new member or subscriber to your blog and it's a success you are able to make money online it's a cycle. you need to have some sort of method to reach your goal jot down on a piece of paper, collect all methods that you have think off then work on it. A well planned blog is most likely will success. after you put some planning work your plan, and kepp on reaching your primary goal then next you know you are started to become one of the success story online. I have here for you to read on how to get traffic to your blog from seth's blog which i am sure a very great help and an additional knowledge too!

As for me, i am still working on my primary goal, so let's do it together you never hard "Keep on banking then later, go spending"

Happy Blogging and start making money online.

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