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About The Buzz Nutter

Thebuzznutter is a rambling about this and that; anything that interest me, my thoughts, my learning and more...This is also a blog resource for bloggers as i will be sharing the knowledge that i learned and what i have ventured. Sometimes i will be blogging about news, marketing, ways to earn easy money online, advertising and more...Rambling!

My Motto is "No venture, No gain"

I love to learn and i am passionate of what i do, i simply love blogging and i love tweaking, playing with my site -- That is why i got in trouble most of the time :(

About Me
I was born and raise in the Philippines, A sister, a daughter and a mother of two gorgeous kids and most of all a wife of a wonderful and loving man from New Zealand.

Why Blogging?
I work from home while i was pregnant with my second child, when she was born i can't work anymore so i devoted my time with my kids, when i am free i surf the net and that's where i found out about blogging and get addicted (Can you blame me?)

There is not much to say about me, nothing more, nothing less This is "Just Me and My Blog".

I hope i will be able to help other blogger with my experience.

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