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Just Finished a Template

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I am back, i have been very busy this week but feel great. It's a great achievement, i just finished a template after all the problem i encountered. I would like to say thank you to Debra for such a great lady and friend, she helps me make this template possible and it's a great experience.
Have you meet person who really knows exactly what she wants? Well, i just work with her...i really adore her from being a women who really knows how to execute her wants and follow what she wants, Her first site is Mamaflo's Place it's her personal site taking about her life and family then she decide to have a second site, Please visit her site you will learn a lot about cruise liners, vacations and more...i love to travel and that is what me and my husband will definitely do when we get the chance.


How to Hide your Headers Blog Title and Description

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When the search engine index our blog using our blog title and description tags -- but most of the time we customize our templates and we have the need to hide our Headers blog title and description.

There are two (2) options we can do.

First(1st) Option:

  1. Go to your Dashboard - Layout - Page Elements then click Edit Header.
  2. Upload your Image and click the radio button under placement "Instead of title and description"
  3. Then save.
Sometimes this option don't work especially if your image is not solid but don't worry because there's another easy to use option using CSS.

Second (2nd) Option:
  1. Dashboard - Edit HTML then we have to find this #header h1 {
  2. I always use Ctrl+F to quickly find the Styling Code that i need, Ctrl+F then copy #header h1 {
  3. Then put this code: display:none;
  4. This is What it's going to look like:
    #header h1 {
    margin:5px 0;
    padding:0 20px .25em 0;
    font: $pagetitlefont;
    display:none; ------------------This is the code you place to hide your Blog Title

  5. Before you save click preview first to make sure it's not there anymore....but' i can't see any reason why it won't though.
  6. Then save.
Now for the description, we will place the same code all we need is to find the styling of Header Description. Here's how:

  1. Ctrl+F then place this code #header .description {
  2. Then place the same code below and it will look like this:
#header .description {
margin:5px 0;
padding:0 20px 15px 0;
line-height: 1.4em;
font: $descriptionfont;
color: $descriptioncolor;
display:none; ------------------This is the code you place to hide your Blog Description.
Then save. Your site is now clean and finally hide the blog title and description.

I hope you find this simple hack help you blog.


One (1) Brownies Template Available

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To those who love dark template, this is yours. I love the color combination. Widget Friendly and Ready.

Buy for $20 Only!

Top of the page

Footer Page

Layout: 3 column, horizontal navigation menu
  • Title tag changes for better optimization
  • Post Summary ready
  • Static Page Ready for about me, contact page etc...
  • customized twitter page
Hope you like it...only one template available -- once sold will be taken from the list.

If you don't like the color but like the layout you can ask for particular color you like. Just message me.


web hosting review and rating resource

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When we blog, we have a lot of options. One thing that i really like online is that we can find a lot of resources to help us with our journey. Say for example when you decided to use a web hosting, before you start you need to find a best web hostingof course this will help you to decide of which web hosting to use because that's the last thing we need to do problem with our hosting sites.

There are many web hosting reviews and rating resources you can find just like web hosting geeks, you can find from best of the best, cheapest rate and more infomation you need about web hosting. You can find the top 10 web hosting - best web hosting for the year 2008 -- so, before you sign-up to any web hosting site why not read some review and look at the rate of the web hosting you are looking to be part of to make sure and save your time and effort and money too!


Expand your IT Knowledge, Join in the Cisco Training

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If you want to learn Networking IT or want a career growth, success in an IT profession it required link and training program. Technology is everywhere, every company needs technical people, i remember back when i was in college i take up BSIE (Industrial Engeneering) then i enrolled computer programming class during summer, my intention is to at least understand computer but not serious which -- honestly i never learned anything (I have wasted the hard earned money of my parents if you ask me, because computer courses in the philippines is quite expensive) . When i started working in a few company i learned little more like DOS, excel, words, powerpoint but my favorite is when i worked in an IT Industry where distribute hardware and software IT products it needs technical knowledge. It's quite hard, i can't close a deal quick because i need to hang and call our technical people, i don't have time to learn IT.

Now a days it's so easy to understand and learn IT, if your are thinking of expand your experience or your prefession all you have to do is to get a Cisco certification.

Why i say so? This is the place where you can find the IT professionals it is a social learning network online to enhance and advance your IT career. During my days i can't find any virtual library, virtual learning maybe there are sites but it's not easy to find. how you benefited if you take a Cisco training? it is credibility builder- in your career, field, industry, because you network with other IT Professionals, you can communicate and ask them questions meaning their is a higher potential of you to get a job. It industry is booming and i can't see any sign of dying intead it's a must in every company. So i suggest if you are looking of expanding your career, or if you want to grow more in the IT Industry then why not register and join in the IT Professionals and learn more take the training and get that certificate and you will be knowledgeable in no time.

Sponsored by Cisco


Template for Sale here at TBN

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I decided to sell blogspot templates. I hope you like it, If anyone interested please contact me and i will design one for you.

Blog Templates I Designed:




Drive Traffic to your Site using Zoodoka

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Have you heard Zookoda? It is an email marketing application designed specifically for bloggers like you and me. Traffic is hard to achieve but with a little care and management you can drive them back to your blog.
This is very professional way of handling your blog. If you love your readers and visitors manage them, show them that you care. Zoodoka is enables you to:
  • Manage email newsletter subscribers - You have your own mailing list, within your reach and your own control.
  • Enhance your blog with custom newsletter subscription forms - Collect your subscribers, this is to get to know your visitors and readers.
  • Design eye-catching newletters to match your blog design - Let your readers know what going on with your blog, deliver your post straight to their email boxes, i love doing this...i love to read the post of my favorite bloggers in my inbox and i am sure same as your subscribers.
  • Schedule recurring broadcasts for each day, week or month - Schedule broadcast like pro, this is to ensure that your readers get them on time according to your plan.
  • View real-time open, bounce, click and unsubscribe reports - Real time report is so handy and a big help to your blogging because you will know how many readers actually reads your post.
  • Access mobile users by emailing blog content in text format
Some Email Marketing software like this is that you need to pay monthly, this is some like auto-responder but the good thing with Zoodoka is Free.

What are the other use of Zoodoka aside from your blog?
If you have affiliate products or money making site most of your subscriber and visitors are looking for ways to earn money and expect to hear some new opportunities or products, using zoodoka you can tell how many are your potential earning and it's all up to your to follow-up and use the broadcast to make the most of this great application.

Sponsored by Zookoda

Still Using Bloggers Pop-up Comment System?

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I took a two to three of days off with the Entrecard and the result is really hurting my sites traffic. I reciprocate and dropped cards religiously and i am setting at the top of my category but lately i tried to do some other stuff and drop only 20-50 cards a day at the same time i would like to see of what happen if i do so and now i know that, entrecard is really a great sources of traffic especially when you're site is not very well optimized for the search engine (I totally neglected about optimization which is very important).
Anyway, Although it's a little bit late about comment system of bloggers but i still have noticed that few bloggers still using the old pop up comment system. I have blogged about Ditching your old comment system and replace them with intense debate which until now i am satisfied with there service so i don't have the plan to go back to bloggers comment system which finally have added an inline comments where you can embed under your post. If you have not done it yet and sick of pop-up comment then you can do it now while reading this post. Here's what to do:
  1. Log in to your Blogger in Draft.
  2. If you have more than one blog choose which blog you want to change then click Settings.
  3. In the Setting Menu click Comments.
  4. Look for Comment Form Placement you will see three options now...
  5. Click then save.
Congratulation!, you finally don't have the annoying pop-up comment system.

If you have modified or customized your template you might like to read the instruction at bloggerbuster's how to add a comment form beneath your blog posts She have a very easy to follow instructions that's if the above instructions won't work for the very first time.

If you don't have the plan to change, i would like to know why? You might have a great reason to why not.


How to Make Rounded Corner for your Site

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Rounded Corner is in and it added attraction to your post and most of all of to your site. I pushed my self to learn a rounded corner thanks to my hubby, he wanted a rounded corner around he's body post and i finally found out how after many attempts and trial and error of course with the use of cornershop a corner generator to get a perfect corner (I tried to make my own but it looks funny) glad i found this generator thanks to the creator.

What we need?
corneshop - corner generator
wellstyled - Colorscheme Generator

First decide what color you want, this is important because you need to work with your template background and the color of the box, when you create the graphic you need to make sure that page background will blend to the color of your will find that after you follow my tutorial and then you can just play around of the color scheme for your post body.

I assume you have already open the Cornershop and WS -- copy the color code (RGB) that you want to the cornershop box background and page background, you will see the result when you click create graphics make sure you put 20 in the corner radius if you want the result the same as to my demo otherwise experiment according to your likeness of how round you wants the corner to be.

Before we start to the rounded corner first, Click Ctrl+F type .post { them make sure your background is the same as your page background

.post {
margin:.5em 0 1.5em;
background: #FF66AA;
Work with CSS Code and HTML
After you click the create graphics you will be given a code CSS Code, HTML and 4 graphics (right click, save link as then upload to Google pages or any free link uploader) this is all we need to create this nice rounded corner.

Go to your Dashboard - Layout - Edit HTML (Make sure you save you full template to make it safe)

  1. Click Ctrl+F ]]></b:skin> then copy the CSS Code above the ]]></b:skin>
  2. Replace the 4 links according the each code (se.gif, ne.gif, sw.gif and nw.gif) Then save.

Now, the tricky part HTML Code -- You must place them in the right place or else disaster (Just Kidding).

  • Click Ctrl+F type <div class='post hentry'> -- Place the HTML Code green after the above code.

<div class='box'>
<div class='boxtop'><div></div></div>
<div class='boxcontent'>
<!-- Content goes here -->
<div class='boxbottom'><div></div></div>

  • Click Ctrl+F again this time type <div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-3'/> -- Place the HTML code Blue before </b:includable>

Do not save yet, click Preview to make sure you won't get error, if satisfied then save.

I suggest to use a test site until you know what your doing and confident enough to place it to your site to make it safe and not to lose your template designs etc. and i hope you enjoy this as much as i am.

Pushing to the limit to Get what you want

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When we blog we sometimes think that it's easy job, times comes that we run out of idea and it seems like so dry, our brain don't want to work anymore and it happens to me this few days.

Today, i was working with my husbands site, he wants to have a rounded corner and i have not tried them yet, i have seen a few sites that inspired me and i tried and have done but not very well done, i am not satisfied and i want it looks good. I had a little break -- still my mind is thinking of how to get the rounded corner so while cooking dinner, i said to myself i know i can find on how to do it and i can make it, after some research and reading a few tuts i finally did it! yes i did! (I feel accomplished today).

When we push our selves and not to think that it is difficult it is possible...i will post about how to have a rounded corner tomorrow so you can make a rounded corner of your site aswell at the moment i need to get in bed, formula 1 is finished and Hamilton Won (Yeheey!).

Visit my husbands site and see what i mean. I just like to share my accomplishment today, i makes my day :D


TBN's Top Droppers for the Month of June

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Time to give a linky love to my top droppers. I really appreciate your drops guys, thank you and i hope you won't get bored of dropping here LOL!.

Here they are:

Dropper # of drops
Monkey Fables And Tales 31
Regretful Morning 31
Is a mans world 31
On The Bricks 31
Aerten Art 30
The Path to the Pegasus Letter 30
Random Ramblings 30
Turnip of Power 29
Odd Vantage 29
Technically Easy 29

Big Contest Mania is over or at least slow down a little bit

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Are you glad? I am. Contest is not bad at all in fact it is great exposure, bring traffic to your site and helps you increase your feedburner count (Because those who would like to join will subscribe), you're technorati rating will increase too.
But...for me one after another and another and another is too much, you know there something called too much. I have received a few request if i want to sponsor and for me i really don't mind but another blog, after another, after another blog is too many and what i don't like is that they actually don't really think of who they want to become sponsor.

The contest that i really like and i think very organized and have done it right is Marcus big party it's about he's alexa ranking and it only happens once for a long time -- but for some other blogs i experienced they approached me and i said yes i would like to sponsor this and that etc...then they replied okay i will book you and the next thing i know they sent me another message asking if i want to be one of the sponsor from the same blog so i did not replied anymore because i got it this is one of those contest that is not organized and just i don't feel right about and i received a lot of message from other blog contest and so i ignor them because i am not happy of to many contest anymore.

If you run a contest make sure that you pull it right, start it right and make sure that your contest is unique. One contest that i really like is Julians Library contest, she run it perfectly the top commenter from all of her blog will win $100 the second commenter will win $____ and so on... another constest that i like is amanda's competition from, her method is unique and very well thought... there might be other bloggers that worth mentioning but this are just a sample. I am glad that the Big Contest Mania is over or shall i say at least it slow down a little bit, have not seen much about it.

I am sure that it is not just me who is sick of reading about contest, i don't get sick if it is unique. If you are thinking to run a contest think of them many times, ask yourself if who have done it if someone have done it already think of something else, something unique so that it's not sickening.


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