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For your Childs Learning Resources

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I am glad that i joined a homebase child care, i learned and understand a lot. Being a mother we always thought of how to raise our kids in a good way, how to develop them and teach them so that they will learn and grow the kids of person we want them to be. Anyways, i do have a few sites to share for parents like me who likes to sit down with our kids and let them experience the fun of learning.

Here are the learning resources that surely you can use for your kids. (Printables and songs)
  1. - This is what i used for my 9 years old step son and 4 years old son, they love it and i used it a lot, 5000+ free printables in each every subject.
  2. - This is another one where you can use a lot of printables for your kiddo's, just choose from any worksheets that you like from alphabets, numbers, shapes and even a worksheets where young one's will be able to follow the lines for scissors.
  3. Times Tables Charts - Okay, most of our kids needs help with math, there is always an issue with this...this site is a great help.
  4. - Defferent kinds of songs for kids, my daughter loves the action songs and this helps them develop their bosy movement and coordination.
  5. - If you need some ideas of any activities you can do with your child? thry this one...sometimes at homes we feel bored and we want to help develop pur little ones and we can't think of any activities. One that i found in this site which is my 2 years old daughters favorites is
    Monkeys On the Bed
    Action poem
    Five little monkeys jumping
    on the bed
    One fell off and bumped
    his head
    Mama called the doctor and
    the doctor Said,
    " No more monkeys
    jumping on the bed!" Four little monkeys jumping
    on the bed, three little monkeys jumping on the bed, (and so on)
  6. - This is where you can find rhymes, crafts, felt poems for your child, you will find a lot of activities you can do with your children.

there so much we can do to spend time with our kids. I always have a great fun with my kids and i can see there development and learning while they are at home with me. I hope you find this helpful and give you a lot of ideas of what activity that will suit with your child.


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