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Will Be Back Posting Again Soon...

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It's been awhile since i posted here at TBN, that is because i got busy and i am enjoying the summer sun. I started to work on my garden again, replanting and i want to add more color not just green in my garden -- You know during winter i am like a bear, i like to hibernate and very lazy to go out because it's too cold, i think it's alright if it is not windy but here in New Zealand the wind is your worse enemy (mine i supposed, i don't know with some people though).

Anyway, i will be slowly back on posting again and i hope to catch up with other blogger friends site and see what's going on ... i miss that part where i get connected with my readers and also friends i made on the past days online, some left me some message on the entrecard just to say hello and what's up! thank you guys.

That's it for now, i will be back to my garden again but will be posting again soon.


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