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Get Paid to Read and Review Articles! It's FREE

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I really never stop looking for ways to earn money online because i believe that there are lot's of ways to earn easy money online, just like yuwie easy, you only invite friends, hang out with your friends and get paid.

Now i have new program that you guaranteed earning money online easy. New "get paid to" program pays you to read and review articles! Minimum payout is $10 and accepts PayPal and alertpay! It's 100% FREE to Join! so what is hard for that all you need to do is review articles and you get paid.

There are lots of program like this that you have to pay to start earning money but this one is genuine money you get paid to read simple as that!. Want to start now? click here .


earn easy money from home for just $1.97

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Do you mind paying $1.97 for s&h only, and start earning money from the comfort of your very own home? i don't....Learn how to make money from home with FreeBlvd. sign up now and you will get the Free Quick launch Kit, the Free Online Store and a Free $30 Instant Commission but, yes there is but because this Offer is only available for US.

So grab your's now Open your Free Dollar Store and get $30 commission instantly.

The only cost is the Shipping and Handling worth $1.97 and you can start you earning from home.


1000s of blogs

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I have stumbled upon this great software that so hot in the blogging world today it's called blog solution this will make 1000s of blogs according to your here's where you earn easy money online because blogsolution will put your income on Autopilot. Lazy or not this is the solution your earn easy money online for doing nothing because your software is already set-up to post and ping your blog.

"Want 10 new blogs created, posted to and pinged every day of the week? No problem. 100? Also no problem!"

Watch the demo here

Very simple, easy and you can earn easy money online using blogsolution for your blog. "Smart".


Earn Easy Money Blogging with Adsense

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Yes it's true that to earn easy money online and even great way to do it is through Adsense. There are lots of websites owners struggling hard to earn some big money everyday through their sites. But then some of the Adsense Gurus are enjoying earning hundreds of dollars everyday, from Adsense ads on their websites. What the difference between two web owners? the other one is thinking between the box while the other one that is earning money is experimenting and absolutely thinking out of the box.

If you just follow the tips and tricks of adsense you surely earn easy money online. Here are some proven ways to boost you earnings through adsense.

Ad Format To Use
1. The one format that worked well for the majority is the Large Rectangle (336X280). This same format have the tendency to result in higher CTR, or the click-through rates. Why This format? Basically your ads will look like normal web links, and people, being used to clicking on them, click these types of links. They may or may not know they are clicking on your Adsense but as long as there are clicks, then it will all be for your advantage.

Blend Your Templates
2. Choose a color that match your website or blog, make your ads appears like one of your pages and your customer will click on it on your advantage.

Placement is Important
3. Put your ads in the place where people can see them quickly. Top-Middle front is the best place of your ads. You can use channels to see which ads works very well and you can get it targeted for the publisher to know where there ads located. You will be amazed how the difference between Adsense locations can make when you see your earnings.

Of course you can earn easy money online when you have enough traffic to click on your adsense (Important: Under no circumstances to cheat with adsense or your account will be wipe out forever)

Use Site Authentication to allow the AdSense crawler to access pages that are behind a login. Adsense crawler will access your pages but only to determine the content for ad targeting purposes and will fully comply with Google's private policy

Don't forget to experiment, there are some techniques that have worked well for some who want to generate hundreds and even thousands on their websites. The Content of an ads that will be place on your blog or website depends with your keywords that is why there is also a competitive filter that's enable you to block specific ads, such as competitors' ads, from appearing on your pages. Focus on a specific topic so that the displays will be targeting on a topic that your customers will be viewing already, meaning the ads and your topic will be connected to each other. The more clicks the more you earn easy money online


Spread your wings

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Squidoo. I just call it spread your wings, because no matter where we are we need traffic, money and even wanted to earn more money. And, whats hot at the moment is to become a lense master, at the moment this is one free tools that will help us earn money and even bring some traffic to our website or blogs because they rotate a list of Squidoo's featured lensmasters..meaning squidoo is even to all lense master.

That's right, i am sure you heard squidoo already because this is favorite tools of business people like you that are earning money online at the moment.

Why do you need lense while you have blog or website anyway? People over the internet are hungry with articles, wanted to learn moreand they are looking for people like you! Squidoo is hosting more than 50,000+ lense masters with different topics and idea's, each lens is what people are looking something over the internet. No Matter what your interest in, i am sure people wanted to know that too! Lenses are free. Lenses get you credibility and traffic... and lenses only take 5 minutes to build! Build a lense to help your website, blog and even your wallet.

Squidoo is home to tens of thousands of everyday enthusiasts. Spread your ideas, or just simply wanted to give an information for something or your on to money making, make yourself known, meet new traffic. (You could even earn a royalty) because you get ranked, people leave comments on your topic, make community of business minded people like you. What's your topic?


Get Paid Hanging Out

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How would you like to earn money by just doing what you already doing...yayaya right! you read lots of this promising word on the internet but guys this is great and before you say there you are again read it first, even join first and get back to me and/or stop reading my blog aye!

It's called yuwie, it's a community site that pays almost everything you do.

Check out my blog and leave me a comment if you're not convince.


Work at Home (Watchdog)

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I made new blog in a separate page read it because it's really great and help you a lot specially when your looking for great program and don;t want to be scammed.

This is called WAHWatchdog which review all the work at home site and not biased at all.

All the Best....i have to go in bed now! read it and i am sure your going to be aware next time which program is best and not.


Convert your content into cash

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I know i already have blogged this one but i really wanted to follow-up this one. They are giving out there software for free...i can make website upon website and earn money using adsense because the software is adsense ready.

It's called HyperVre and it is a highly viral software with an endless profit potential.

I just Downloaded my very own copy and it is awesome. The Software is a breeze to use and there is an endless amount of customizable feature. The Owner of HyperVre told me i could let a few people know about the site before they start charging for the product, and i thought i have my reader of my blog why not you will be the first to grab the opportunity, you might be interested so i wanted to share it with you guys.

Here's what you do after you download the software and you can start straight away and start earning money from adsense:
  1. Join HyperVre for FREE.
  2. When your already log in, Download and install your software, there is website submitter too! so very easy to start earning your money.
  3. Just Follow the instruction and your ready to go.
  4. Get the Free Hosting so you have nothing to worry anymore.
  5. when everything is loaded to your hosting and the website is ready to run...submit them using the website submitter software that you can downloaded from hyperVre website...isn't it great!
I am so happy with this guys, and please if you do have your website running and happy about it please don't forget to get back here and say something so i can post it here.




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If you follow my blogs i am sure that you get loads of ways top earn money from home, now i have another one.

Here's is one way of earning money from your website, You'll get paid for reading emails, clicking PTC or PTS banners. Also you can earn from 1 referral levels. And the most you can earn by referring advertisers to Your account will be credited by 0% of the ad price that advertisers (referred by you) purchase!

They Count Per IP Every 24 Hours !

  • Worldwide
  • Earn Up to $3.5 per 1000 Times Valid Impression
  • No Minimum Payout!!
  • They Auto Send Payment Every day

Power Clicks

Check it out guys, and see it yourself.


Free tips on how to make money online

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How would you like to make money online with Adsense on a Website that's already making huge traffic and earned loads of money from adsense? Yes, you may now own the Google Ad units on this site, this blog and the main site. Two (2) to three (3) Google ad units with high click-throughs (CTRs) are available for you to make money.

Interested? This is not a scam guys, this is a great site that is going to help your google adsense earning skyracket because people will love the website and definitely stay on the website and even want more...

How are you going to make money? will, you only add your Adsense Publisher ID, this is not cheating aswell, this is legit and the owner is very generous share he's site for you to earn money no catch whatsoever, will actually just to bring people to he's website but it's not really hard to do...what i am doing now is bringing traffic in exchange to the website...isn't great!

Here's the three website:
Just add ?pub=X&cha=X to any of this site's page URL, like the sample URLs below:




Replace the X in pub with your 16-digit Adsense publisher ID and the X in cha with your 10-digit Adsense channel for tracking. Adsense ID and channel of the pages where you added those will be replaced with yours. So, clicks on the Google ads will be credited to you.

If you cannot find your Channel...Use url channel instead to track your performance:

URL channels are used track ad performance across an entire domain, across a subdomain, within directories and for individual pages. They can help you answer questions like:

  • Which of my domains is generating the most revenue?
  • On what sections of my site are ads performing best? Articles? Forums? Blog?

Creating URL Channels

URL Channels are easy to create and implement through your AdSense account. To find out how, let's take a look at an example.

Scenario: Sally owns a site about dogs -- -- and wants to know if her AdSense ads are performing better on article pages or in forum sections.

She would do this in 2 easy steps:

  • The first step is to log in and click on the AdSense Setup tab. A row of links will appear beneath the tabs - click the Channels link.
  • Next, make sure you are on the subtab for the right product -- AdSense for content or AdSense for search -- and that you're creating a URL channel rather than a custom channel. Click the Add new URL channel link, then create a new channel for each directory by entering their addresses (omitting the 'www') into the resulting box.

In this case we'll create two channels: One for to track the combined ad performance across all of Sally's articles, and another for to monitor for all of Sally's forum sections.

Once created, URL channels begin collecting statistics instantly. For channels to be most useful, it's important to be able to generate an effective channel report.

Resources: Free Tips&Wits and Google Adsense

So guys, read, learn and earn.


Effective Traffic Exchange

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Guys, here's the effective traffic exchange and guaranteed that your website been read and reviewed, here's my recent reviews:
Our Reviews
"I'm not sure you fit the free category but everything looked fine. Your links work well and your site opens fast. You have kept the design simple. Your navigation makes sense. I liked it overall."

"good money making opportunities"

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"An interesting SEO tool. I will have to return and check it out further. An easy to navigate and fast loading site. Decent web design. Nice site. "

AdBux Affiliate
"Nice site! Easy to navigate and loads fast! GOOD JOB! Thanks Iris for viewing my site. No you don't have to pay. You can sign up FREE, and get paid $50 for every paid member you sign up under you. And upgrade later or just stay a free member. Thanks again Barbara."

"interesting site with seo tools, free stuff, as well as internet studio... very easy to navigate and something about the site entices one to look thru all there is... good job"

"Fantastic website with great information for all online business owners! Love the blue colour scheme, easy to navigate around, easy to read and absorb the concise information provided and overall a pleasure to visit! Best of luck for your online business venture!"

"This would make a super Reference site as the information that it provides will help you with your Web marketing efforts. And it is all available for FREE! Nicely constructed and fast loading Home page with pleasing choice of fonts and layout makes it easy to enjoy this site."

Get your own reviews, free traffic at

not much to do, just make sure you visit them everyday to keep your position and ranking, no sweat. So what do you think? go, get your website, blog, affiliates be seen and reviewed now!

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