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Free tips on how to make money online

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How would you like to make money online with Adsense on a Website that's already making huge traffic and earned loads of money from adsense? Yes, you may now own the Google Ad units on this site, this blog and the main site. Two (2) to three (3) Google ad units with high click-throughs (CTRs) are available for you to make money.

Interested? This is not a scam guys, this is a great site that is going to help your google adsense earning skyracket because people will love the website and definitely stay on the website and even want more...

How are you going to make money? will, you only add your Adsense Publisher ID, this is not cheating aswell, this is legit and the owner is very generous share he's site for you to earn money no catch whatsoever, will actually just to bring people to he's website but it's not really hard to do...what i am doing now is bringing traffic in exchange to the website...isn't great!

Here's the three website:
Just add ?pub=X&cha=X to any of this site's page URL, like the sample URLs below:




Replace the X in pub with your 16-digit Adsense publisher ID and the X in cha with your 10-digit Adsense channel for tracking. Adsense ID and channel of the pages where you added those will be replaced with yours. So, clicks on the Google ads will be credited to you.

If you cannot find your Channel...Use url channel instead to track your performance:

URL channels are used track ad performance across an entire domain, across a subdomain, within directories and for individual pages. They can help you answer questions like:

  • Which of my domains is generating the most revenue?
  • On what sections of my site are ads performing best? Articles? Forums? Blog?

Creating URL Channels

URL Channels are easy to create and implement through your AdSense account. To find out how, let's take a look at an example.

Scenario: Sally owns a site about dogs -- -- and wants to know if her AdSense ads are performing better on article pages or in forum sections.

She would do this in 2 easy steps:

  • The first step is to log in and click on the AdSense Setup tab. A row of links will appear beneath the tabs - click the Channels link.
  • Next, make sure you are on the subtab for the right product -- AdSense for content or AdSense for search -- and that you're creating a URL channel rather than a custom channel. Click the Add new URL channel link, then create a new channel for each directory by entering their addresses (omitting the 'www') into the resulting box.

In this case we'll create two channels: One for to track the combined ad performance across all of Sally's articles, and another for to monitor for all of Sally's forum sections.

Once created, URL channels begin collecting statistics instantly. For channels to be most useful, it's important to be able to generate an effective channel report.

Resources: Free Tips&Wits and Google Adsense

So guys, read, learn and earn.

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