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Pushing to the limit to Get what you want

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When we blog we sometimes think that it's easy job, times comes that we run out of idea and it seems like so dry, our brain don't want to work anymore and it happens to me this few days.

Today, i was working with my husbands site, he wants to have a rounded corner and i have not tried them yet, i have seen a few sites that inspired me and i tried and have done but not very well done, i am not satisfied and i want it looks good. I had a little break -- still my mind is thinking of how to get the rounded corner so while cooking dinner, i said to myself i know i can find on how to do it and i can make it, after some research and reading a few tuts i finally did it! yes i did! (I feel accomplished today).

When we push our selves and not to think that it is difficult it is possible...i will post about how to have a rounded corner tomorrow so you can make a rounded corner of your site aswell at the moment i need to get in bed, formula 1 is finished and Hamilton Won (Yeheey!).

Visit my husbands site and see what i mean. I just like to share my accomplishment today, i makes my day :D

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