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Big Contest Mania is over or at least slow down a little bit

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Are you glad? I am. Contest is not bad at all in fact it is great exposure, bring traffic to your site and helps you increase your feedburner count (Because those who would like to join will subscribe), you're technorati rating will increase too.
But...for me one after another and another and another is too much, you know there something called too much. I have received a few request if i want to sponsor and for me i really don't mind but another blog, after another, after another blog is too many and what i don't like is that they actually don't really think of who they want to become sponsor.

The contest that i really like and i think very organized and have done it right is Marcus big party it's about he's alexa ranking and it only happens once for a long time -- but for some other blogs i experienced they approached me and i said yes i would like to sponsor this and that etc...then they replied okay i will book you and the next thing i know they sent me another message asking if i want to be one of the sponsor from the same blog so i did not replied anymore because i got it this is one of those contest that is not organized and just i don't feel right about and i received a lot of message from other blog contest and so i ignor them because i am not happy of to many contest anymore.

If you run a contest make sure that you pull it right, start it right and make sure that your contest is unique. One contest that i really like is Julians Library contest, she run it perfectly the top commenter from all of her blog will win $100 the second commenter will win $____ and so on... another constest that i like is amanda's competition from, her method is unique and very well thought... there might be other bloggers that worth mentioning but this are just a sample. I am glad that the Big Contest Mania is over or shall i say at least it slow down a little bit, have not seen much about it.

I am sure that it is not just me who is sick of reading about contest, i don't get sick if it is unique. If you are thinking to run a contest think of them many times, ask yourself if who have done it if someone have done it already think of something else, something unique so that it's not sickening.

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