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If your new, Experiment you blogs

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I don't see how my blog different from other blog but all i know is that it help me find myself and keep educating me on what is going on in the world of Internet. Have you noticed that the virtual world is the same as our normal world you need connections, you need community and best of all you have to have your own identity and put some authority on it.

I learned a lot online and i wanted to learn more, If your just started blogging and you noticed that there are loads of blog sites that are so beauty and i really admire them specially those who are generating money just by blogging..WOW! and yeah there are lots of them i stumbled this blog that have the list of Top 100 blogger that making money online and even reading there story you really get inspired and even work more on your blog.

If you want to earn money online blogging the first thing you have to work is the content and look of your blog, get some connections, join mybloglog, blogcatalog,bloggernity etc...visit others blog and leave comments and the most important is don't be scared of experimenting your blog, if your new get the inspiration from other bloggers and if needed ask them something don;t be scared to ask because you fellow bloggers are always in a lending hands and if needed will help you to get the success that they are getting too! Because we all believe on Good Karma. ;)

Happy blogging everyone.

You are very much welcome to leave me any comment, i really appreciate it.

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