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Google Hit who, what, what?

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This is big, it even wake up the sleeping giants after google penalized many sites for selling links.

I love problogger not just because of high page rank but because of contents i love reading darrens post but yesterday after i visited the Top 100Blog's from i was shock because shoemoney is on top 1 and probloggers is at top two and the page rank is down to PR4 it is so shocking up until i read the news and that answers my questions.

Should Google really penalize sites that sells link? We all know google is "Big" we do almost everything on the Internet using googles stuff, they dominate and surpasses yahoo but is it really necessary? or google is just doing something to correct some actions that needed to be corrected and being fair to everyone?

If you are following problogger, there is one video blog that darren did about "why i don't use Adsense on Problogger Anymore" that might made google un-happy and that make's problogger at the top of the list (I don't think so though..), but then again this is what darren said after he's rank down to 4.

Google Justified it's action? Surprise, Surprise or is it? Google warned us most of the time. We all give value and even love Google because of it's quality, the services they give to use as they gives us value as well they never stop experimenting & researching. So i should say Google is perfectly justified in taking steps to protect the integrity of its SERPS(Search Engine Results Pages).
"Lowering page rank of those who sell links levels the playing field for all of us who don't sell them. It is Google's search engine and they can do what they want in order to keep it great and even improve it"

No one knows why this PR dropped dramatically except Google itself. Even Digg is affected.

If you want more updates you can visit Andy Beards blog.

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Tony Smith said... at 28/10/07 07:43

Google is a mixed blessing. I've still yet to figure out why I get paid for some clicks and some clicks I don't. They have their own rules and only they understand them.

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