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Get exposed all in one bookmarklet

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You're using bookmarklet for your blog have you? i bit you are, let see... you are using, Furl, Rawsugar and more... and you are tired of multiple short-cuts? now there is simple solution to that and it's FREE.

Simple to use, fast and save you time. If your looking for more exposure to your blog, one of the best way to drive more traffic to your blog, make blogging more easier.

Currently there are twenty-two at least services onlywires supported but with the single click using onlywire bookmarklet will be able to submit your blog, article to all of those social networking sites.

All you have to do is register it's free to join then you are set to go. Remember though must have a valid login for each service, if you do not have logins sign up with them by clicking on the link provided. it's a not a lot considering it's going drive you back some traffics. You will then link the bookmarklet to your site or drag to your toolbar that's it....done.

Enjoy ;)

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