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I was reading my morning newspaper today and on the adverts page section there is an adverts that caught my attention that say's "Make learning easier" on the body of the ads explains about marketing,all the advantages that you can get to join the seminar and stuff like that then you will be asked to grab your seats now for $---.00 only 100 seats available. Now i wonder how many people actually join this to seat down and listen to the seminar for over how many hours and sometimes last the whole day.

Now a days, with all the technology and internet it is so easy to listen to the lecturer and even read at the same time to follow the lecturer using the text and to make it even more better you could do it as often as you liked, when you liked. I don't see any benefits now of joining seminars where it's going to take you too much time, money and even the comfort and do you know that some lecturer just give you a little bit taste of what they know and spend the rest of there time peddling. you can easily subscribe to the best lecturer, pay a little amount if you have too and "listen it live" in the comfort of your own home, grab your seat, even download streaming audio if you miss some lectures etc...

You will learn a lot and even can start your own business with seminars but you don't need to leave your home to do all this. I remembered when i was invited to be mentored and i listened to there live discussion it really is fantastic and i was thankful that i listened to it because i learned about some affiliate scams and to which affiliate program is better than the rest (Of course they don't advertise any company) but it gives you an next time when you think of joining some seminars think again and see of you can get it from the internet and you could relax on your own comfort.

It's like being at a top quality seminar without the hassles, or the cost!

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