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Are you a "DIY" guy?

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I remember about the few days ago when i was watching about the "do-it-yourself rescue" and it just pop out in my mind today about me and my blog, because i "diy" my blog and the result is thing that i think bad result is when i joined myblog catalog a few months and they keep on declining my blog, this is the second time that they declined reason? is my blog sounds like spamming so i went back again and made some changes i re-apply again and now i am waiting for 48hours to see the result. i love seeing my fellow blogger visiting my blog and much more happy if leaving some comments good or bad because that is when i know what's missing with my blog.

anyway, my question is are you a "diy" guy? do you know that there is positive and negative about this attitude? it sometimes useful with our blogging and your making money online " thingies" but it also create bad result.

Many successful businesspeople share the same trait because they are sick and tired of other people telling them what to do. In fact, the "do-it-yourself" mindset can be one of the greatest strengths as an entrepreneur (IMC Insider) it motivates you more since you are the sole responsible with your own actions either you get the great result or lack of result. you basically create your own success.

But "do-it-yourself" have negative side too, being a loner is not really good on you, your monetization or in your blogging in that matter. because when the problem arise there you are you have no one to turn too, no guidance, you get more frustrated -- you've wasted you time and money.

"Do-it-yourself" is great for all of us but there are times specially when blogging we need connections, mentors, guidance and with the help of our fellow bloggers with there blogs tips and tricks, network sites, community sites you can easily get what you want and you reach your goal. Whatever your situation is, an experienced people, bloggers or mentors can help you define your goals and help you exactly what you need to do to reach them -- and then make sure you are-growing and your efforts stay on and won't be wasted.

As for me i am still a "d-i-y" person but i never give up and keep on reaching those goals that i have set upon but with the help of my fellow bloggers blog i learned, will learn and grow. so keep on reaching and doing what you think is good for you and never give up.

I hope you like my blog. before you leave please leave comment and don't forget to answer my poll and survey it is much appreciated. cheers. ;)

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