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Few Tips for Bloggers

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Blogging is so much fun, in fact for me it's addictive. See, You are so excited to start out writing your new idea's, tips, so motivated and full of inspiration but after a few post you're run out of idea's, you start hunting for fresh, new and different content to feed your readers. Sad is it? But don't be though, Internet is a never ending "beginning" everyday you surf, there something to learn, something new.

So i have few tips for bloggers because we all know there is no quick and easy rules on how to blog but their is surely way to increase traffics, increase exposure and more likely increase your making money blogging. This is not just to where you can get new content for your blog but blogging overall.
  • Define your topic - Once you start writing your post it is important for you to define your topic, stick to it or else you get lost. It's alright to say a little bet of that, a little bet of this specially when you star the post but get back to the main topic people don't want to know what happen to your cat, they don't want to know where, when you buy your jeans, readers are more interested on the topic unless your topic is about yourself then i have nothing to say no more ;).
  • Informative topic always a winner - no matter where we look, if your content is informative no matter what your page rank it doesn't matter you always get a loyal readers...stay informative, subscribe to google alert, google news, join forums, social networking blogcatalog is great place to be because under their discussion board you are keep informed on what's going on the blogosphere's world. Stay Current and always be the first to post the news it's a great feeling remember - Old News is not news. you don't want to turn off your readers.
  • Blogging needs time and effort, so therefore when you blog make some time scheduling, do some research for your topic, make it clear, simple and true. "make it simple but meaty"
  • Keywords, Keywords, Keywords! - make it rich with keyword. Keyword is huge help specially if you blog to make money, if not then it's great for page ranking...make it rich like chocolate rich. ;)
  • Frequency matter's a lot - Measures the number of occurrence of a repeated event meaning the spider will more likely crawl your blog at regular interval when you frequently update you blog content or post.
  • After you publish your post make sure you include your blog's content in an RSS feed to increase readership and distribution or before you start your post check Researchbuzz tools (This is keyword base RSS Feed generator) Add your URL too!. You can also use: ping-o-matic, autopinger
    Yahoo: URL
  • Make sure you do not forget to do the spell checking and proof reading - most of the time reader get turned off when you have poor spelling even grammar, so i suggest use the tool it's just a click away from your post.
Overall if you really value your reader you take care of them and if you make them happy their is very big chance that your readers will subscribe, return and ask for more. And if you are blogging for money it can help you make money online just like that.

And, for you not to run out of content try this:
  1. SearchEngineWatch
  2. CNN News
  3. Google Blog
  4. Google Alert
  5. Google News
  6. Yahoo Search Blog
  7. Webmasterworld
  8. Webpronews
Their still more, the most important is never give up keep on researching and looking for a good content and the more you practice the more you get use the more you improve your blog then soon you will be start seeing your readers grow.

That's for now, i hope you learn something, if you do and like my blog please subscribe or youcan leave some comment...have to go now, i have to drop my kids at school...cheers and enjoy;)

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