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Update, i just received and email that my blog catalog is approved isn't great!....i just changed the title, so i know now that it is the problem because before it's "Earn Easy money online" it really does sound spamming aye! but now i changed it to "Moneyrush-blogbuzz" it's sounds much better anyway. thanks guys, it makes me feel better now. ;)

Ta for now!

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Jesieblogjourney said... at 12/10/07 15:37

Congrats, on your Blogcatalog approval. I still don't understand many terms in this blogging journey. I observed other people's website having different widgets and I started looking for them too. I just started my registration and activation for diggs today. If you click the bookmark button at the end of any of my post, you will find the diggs button.

Moneyrush said... at 12/10/07 21:14

thank you, i learned a lot today from blog catalog. those widgets are very great help with our blogs, some earns us money, some earn us traffic and the rest. You're doing great that is what i do too i looked at some blogs i take my fellow bloggers as my mentor and i love to learn an i definitely learned. so keep on posting and making some networks and friends and you will grow.

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