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How to optimize your site

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I just learned this and thought that it's really great to post it and blogging is really effective ways to share and this is tips&tricks for beginners.

One way to have your page ranking increase is to analyze your site and find ways to improve it. I am working on this matter because i want to make money online and blogging is best way to do it. I tried a lot to improve my site and i want some suggestions if you think i needed it.

Here are what needed to optimized your site and increase your page rank.
  1. This is for your Title Tag - Title is the most important element for search engine, make sure it is descriptive, attractive, containing your important keywords and well describes your web site's purpose. Make sure it is attractive, and well describes your web site's purpose. Stay away from stop words "to,From,Make" etc...consider to remove the stop word as the search engines do not count the stop word.
  2. Keywords - For optimal results it is suggested that a Keyword tag sized between 300 and 500 characters, Keyword tag should contain all the keywords you want to optimize.
  3. Description - Description Meta Tag is an important element for search engines. Again, Make sure it is attractive, and well describes your web site's purpose. The Description tag should contain all the keywords you want to optimize, If you found there is not enough keywords add these keywords to your description tag remember that keyword tag sized are between 300 - 500 characters.
One thing that i noticed with my meta tag before as well is the not in order. Make Sure that it is in order Title, Keywords, Description.

Everyday i learned and this is one of them, It is important that when you learn something make sure you apply them so that you won't forget them and make sure you share them too. I want to learn more for me to make money online from affiliate programs and blogging. I hope that with this tips that i share with you is informative enough and would help you increase you page ranking and start making money online.

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