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I just want to share this because i love this online store i stumble upon, i even added it to my stumble upon favorite (Thumbs up) - it is actually store online and i was browsing this site and this is the one i really wants to shop everything i need are in here, from women fashion to men...okay where can you find an online store where they have the genuine customer relationships, you are going to have fun shopping with your friends, you get 1-1 care and honest advice (Usually, only the posh can get this kind of treatment) - imagine they have a customer care representative to handle you personally on every interactions so you are very taken care off, What i really love is that they have unique merchandising.

What make tobi special? is that you can your own space, you can create your own account, choose all the brand you like from nudie jeans to seven for all mankind, beauty bars, diesel, bags, sweater name it from A-Z they can get it for you. What i really love is that i can shop for my husband, it is very hard to find something for my husband but now i know what to get him nudie.

This is the next generation shopping online boutique experience, Been simplified for your convenience - imagine your own space, your own customer service representative. To know more about their services why not visit there online shop and start looking for your brand as for me i have a great time shopping my jeans and already found one for my hubby.

;) happy shopping.

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