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Gear up for success

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I have been blogging for almost 4 months now, i want to make money online using blog just like other bloggers and i admit that i am still not satisfied with what i have learned there still so much to learn it really is true that internet is never ending knowledge, it's like big book of everything and i love it because i love to learn, i like changes that for better, i challenged myself more often.
I have a lot of resources, i subscribed to many successful bloggers, article writters etc... because i want to be the same as them making money online and i take it as mentoring for free, just like this morning i stumbled this and i read their article about seo is easy and it brings to my curious mind as i read it, is it really possible? SEO? Easy? i am working hard with my pagerank i want to increase it badly, i read a lot about seo and do some tweak and follow some tips and it amazed me reading their post because they make it so easy piece'y.

I added as one of my resource because their blog offers a lot like internet marketing news, tips that help's me grow like i read their blog "Don't Blog on your blog" It's eye opener for me. I think it's much better of you have a look at their blog and even leave a comment it you like their post.

In connection to my post title just in case your wondering...for us to be able to success we have to gear up (Get mentored, get some resources, follow the leader, follow some tips) and we all get to our success either to make money online, or just simply blogging we all need to "gear up" ;)

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Brad said... at 20/10/07 16:54

I like the sense of this post.. Great logic!

But dont forget, Blogging isnt ALL about money!! Its more of a past-time or hobbist type of job :D

If you want to make real money..

Win the lottery :D


moneyrush said... at 20/10/07 19:41

Hey Brad,

thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment i really appreciate it.

Blogging is very versatile,some people are full time blogging and make money for living but some are just for passion and hobby but the greatest is the combination of two that makes blogging more fun. thanks. great comment.

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