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Advertise on Blogs using smorty

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I am sure you've heard inbound link. Some define this as:
  • "Links that direct users to another Web site. When a user arrives at a site from another site, that link is known as an inbound link"
  • "A Hyperlink from one web page to another web page"
  • "A link from an external domain to a site which bringing traffic to that certain site, It is also used to measure link popularity"
This are just few among so many different definition of inbound link but it all comes down to one word "Traffic". Do you know that if you want to get traffic using this way the most popular or shall we call it "Sizzling Hot" at the moment is blog advertising.

There are so many blog advertising you can find there's smorty, sponsoredreview, bloggerwave, blogvertise. advertise on blogs works like natural blog but it connects advertiser to the bloggers, Advertiser will then pay bloggers to write opinions, reviews, create some buzz. There are some stage advertisers instructs you to write just the sites benefits, some wants your overall opinion, instructions must be followed or else it will be declined which benefits both bloggers and advertisers.

Bloggers - Get paid for blogging, if it is your passion, your thing, something you love to do then blog for money imagine you get paid to do the thing that you love to do. Why not! get paid to blog.

Advertiser - As explained above if you want to increase your site rank using inbound link "naturally" and even generate some buzz about your site try advertising on blog it is really great place to advertise your site, you will see that it is the most effective way to generate good search engines results for your site.

For me if you want to make money online get some natural traffic this is one of the best way either your blogger and wanted to blog for money or either advertiser wanted traffic. So we ask Can Advertising on Blog generate natural traffic? Definitely Yes, It's working, it's always going, It's linking, It's advertising.

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