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What to blog.. do you know?

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How long you've been blogging? 4 months 5-6 or more perhaps...i am sure you have been experience mental block? in this case blog-block (lol) i do, for many times, i love blogging, by blogging i can express anything about everything, But i should say blogging is hard work too - Before we go further i just want to define blog more so that for those new it helps them understand more.

What is blog? blog is very versatile, it goes with anything, everything as matter of fact, it's like journal, diary, can incorporate blog to anything, this are in my opinion some relevant features of blog.
  • Personality - Give your blog some personality (this is hard...visit 43things it help you find what you want)
  • Voice - what's on your mind speak it out - Get Loud if you want
  • Links - Make Friend, Get More Friends and You can Get Paid too!
  • Frequency and feeds - The Best of All. By Just One Click it will reach people, hundreds, thousands even million.
By Blogging i learned a lot, i meet new interesting people and even get to know more about myself. ;)

Enjoy your blogging everyone.

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