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Want to know why ?

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In a forum that i am part of one member asked "why is that he had enough visitors but no sale?" and not making money online... have you had the same situation? have you ever wondered why?

More traffic = More Money. Is that right? for me it's no, that is miss calculated yup! you read it right, yes you have the traffic alright but the question is do you have the right traffic? Traffic have many use, say for example: you want traffic to increase your rank and get more click on your PPC thats fine but if you are selling other products you have to have the right visitors. Some Buys visitors but in a wrong sort of department and they didn't know that (Buy email addresses from popup on whereas your selling e-books about health...too much in a hurry to earn easy money online but never realized that they are actually missed the quality of visitors.

What we need to know is that "It's the quality of visitor, not the quantity". so therefore if you are selling products find the right and quality visitors and so that you have the better conversion. It's hard work alright but isn't rewarding plus you know that you are actually making money online?

That makes you think ;)

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