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Unbelieveble rate 70%+...Do you think it's great?

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With the overflowing opportunity on the internet now a days we have a lot of choices but one thing that we really needed is to be aware of the scam and not so good opportunity. I have many favorite sites that's really generate money and so long as you're being fair too and not abuse thier website everybody is a winner.

I have one that somewhat kind of same as clickbank here are the benefits:
  1. You could Earn 70%+ Profit on Each Sale
  2. Get Paid for Offline Payments - When someone mails in their payment (You can't find this on the other sites)
  3. Get Paid on Auto Responders, On time, Every time, Twice Monthly - Via Paypal, or Check your choice.
  4. Lifetime Cookies means you're customer is tagged for life...You're effort won't get wasted and more.....and oh did i mention Detailed Campaign Sub Tracking?
But the best of this opportunity is that they convert everything that's why you get even more money. What i like the best is the prizes from $10,000 prizes moved up to $15,000 prize giveaways which they continues to October 2007 (Once you create your free TrafficPayouts account and login, you'll see the Prize Rankings so you'll know in real-time how close you are to winning!) isn't it great...

One of the prizes for the first place:
Zenview Trio 20T

($2000 Value)

One secret of this sites is not to abuse because they are fair and help you earn easy money online plus some stuff that you win if you're a hard click here now and join right away you can start earning money in a matter of time. and oh! did i mention that you can Earn even more money by promoting your 2nd tier to other webmasters. You'll earn an additional $5.00 for each sale generated by your referred (2nd Tier) affiliates.

Start earning money online now!

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Michael, Mico, or Maku said... at 10/1/08 18:01

what is so good about traffic payouts that it converts so well? How much money have you made with them and how long did it take if you did? Its for people to join because they ask for sensitive information like social security numbers.

moneyrush said... at 11/1/08 09:50

It convert so well because of the sites that you are going to market, they are top selling sites. We all know that giving out our SSN to sites is not recommended and not safe but for some websites or program they need it to issue you a W-2G for winning prizes which at the traffic payout's case they have huge prizes that they giving out...I suggest not to give your SSN until the time that it is needed because you won and already made money from their program (It's called playing safe). Thanks for the comment and hope to see youmore often so i can get your site added to my list, cheers.

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