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Getting the right bargain

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What i like to talk here in my blog today is how to make money using the very obvious marketing strategy that always works either making money online or offline.

How many times have you encountered a salesman trying to make money or sale? car salesman, furniture's, computers and many more other salesman. You probably have notice or see them many times like when me and my husband went to the car yard we are planning to buy 4wheel drive and so their is Mr. Salesman. He gave us the price of the pajero then he said how much the price increase if we didn't get the Pajero today and lose the change of saving our money.That Made me think of the "sensitivity of the time" triggers that Internet marketers including myself uses it most of the time. When i was working as sales account manager at the hardware/software distribution few year ago it's the strategy i really love even for some webmasters with their websites.

If our customer order right then and there, it makes us happy because their won't be anymore follow-up and money on the spot, we have nothing to worry of losing the sales which makes us more happier with our customers with their instant decision we offer an additional bonus or incentive. It happens in other area's too like for example we went to the one of our local market, you choose to buy fish to that store for whatever reason and because he is happy the 1kilo that you ordered is now been discounted, you saved money he get the sale.

You want to buy a regular pack of software. The software are there, the price is right with the right size so why do you buy 3 software where you only need one? Because there was a "limited time" special offer! You were persuaded to buy *twice as much* the number of software you wanted for a special discount as long as you hit the *Buy Now* button it your benefit. It's fascinating strategy. must be psychological effect. The fear of losing out or getting behind on a great deal AND the pleasure of thinking you're getting a right bargain...all in one!

I can't recommend any resource with this it's only based on my own experience and observation, but I'm sure you can find some great books on the topic at If your making money more than usual and increase your sale dramatically then share what you did ;)

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