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Make Mistakes, Take some Risk, Don't be Scared

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Do you make mistake? I do, countless.

Everyone makes mistakes and that is what i always reminded with my son. Do not be scared of mistakes, they are your way to success have you hear the saying

"you show me someone who doesn't make mistakes, and I'll show you someone who isn't doing anything!"

It can happen no matter what, what ever the reason...ignorance, miss-understanding, incompetence, Tired maybe. But, do you know that most of the Successful Businessman are risk taker? they are not scared of mistakes, maybe that is why they success. Life is full of....and one of that is "mistake".

So whatever your want in life, either you want to make money online, or just simply love blogging...don't be scared to experiment, make mistake and take the risk because "the most important of every mistakes is what you do "After" you made mistake have you learned anything from it? did you take it as your newly knowledge? if not then you have thrown the most valuable lesson you learned that could have make you a successful person.

It makes you think? please speak your mind.

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