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Let go fishing...

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Hey you there, how's your day so far? i just finish reading one article about how to improve your blogs and capture more blog readers and one thing i learned is that you also need to make your post title attractive make it as your bait if you can make it crazy "go gaga" if you like to capture there attention do it....but ooooops!!!! do not mislead your reader too it's a big no no because they are not gonna like that.

What our readers like to know?
  • Original content - Research, surveys, well crafted fictions, something to learn..additional knowledge.
  • News - Fresh, original (You have to practice to put some breaking news...just kidding)
  • Personal stories, experiences...or if possible tell them your new ventures, what have you learned today, your something new...But do not talk too much about yourself though they want more about your content, topic, opinions etc...
  • Useful tools, fun stuff, free stuff, tips and tricks, more...
Make it simple but mighty meaty.

Put yourself to your readers shoe's when you read something if it is boring you are tend to change the page aye! but if you get something from the site you even bookmark them so you can get back even wanted more..and make your reader have the "a-ha" impression, we like that. be creative, artistic and make sure that everything is relevant or else two thumbs down and won't get any bookmark at all.

I hope this is helpful...come down now and lets go fishing...;)

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