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Does it blend? Your wondering what does blend? "Money" it does blend with the environment "Green".

Why is money Green? According to John Snow
When the Treasury started printing notes in 1862, green ink was the most plentiful. That is why they are called “greenbacks”.

Lets Talk Green. Are you aware of your environment? We want to have a say right?, i do...maybe that's why i have my own blog i want to let everyone what's on my mind. enviromentally i want to have a say too! because i love green, i love bushes walking, i love everything in my environment. Do you know that Environment matters on business? Yes and many of world's biggest companies now realise that the environemt matter's on business. it make their company's reputation in great shape, great for public image which also really good for business itself.

I have observed that the ordinary adult person talks less about environment whereas the youngsters are very much aware of the environment and they are even dona a lot to protect our environment. Does it mean that the adult care less than the youth.

Here are the few steps to go green:
  1. Stop Pollution - This is ever Hardiest (China more Booming they get more Polluted too)
  2. Save Water, Power or energy Usage
  3. Make your home more environmental
  4. Don't leave your appliances on standby
  5. Use Less Hot Water at Home
  6. Reduce, Re-use, Recycle
  7. Only Use heater or aircondition when necessary
  8. Get Active with your environment

Did you know:
  • If everyone in the world consumed like the average U.S. citizen, we would need at least four more planet Earths. Purchasing Power: World Watch Paper 166
  • The energy saved by recycling one aluminum can will operate a TV set for 3 hours. ThinkQuest, 2006
  • 1/70th of a teaspoon of mercury can contaminate 20 acres of a lake, making the fish unfit to eat. Computer TakeBack, 18 Aug 2005
  • We are consuming the earth's resources 20% faster than they can be sustained. Scripts Howard News Service, 2006
  • Every 20 minutes, the world adds another 3,500 human lives but loses one or more entire species of animal or plant life-- at least 27,000 species per year., 2006
  • One third of the earth’s soil is now unfit for growing food, due to deforestation, waste disposal and overuse of fertilizers. New York Times, 2002
  • 30 percent of pesticides sold in developing countries do not meet international health and environmental standards. World Health Organization, 2006
  • Every ton of recycled paper saves 380 gallons of oil. ThinkQuest, 2006
This is in participation with the "blog action day". If you want to make difference get involve

Whatever we do, wherever we go we see "GREEN" it's a reminder that we have the big part of our environment. Happy Blog Action Day to all of you guys.

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