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Take the moon sand

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Halloween is just finished thanks to that, now is time for me to think of what to prepare for Christmas, i think some are now double time to make money online to make some extra to buy something for christmas hmm...i have my old Christmas tree ready to be use again, and all the decoration that i packed last Christmas, i have to make some list of people i need to give presents this Christmas meaning i have to open my home account ;) -- (Tin can that is, i used to put my lose coins - i saved a lot of money doing that).

Christmas is coming and it is always handy if we are all ready because this is i think the most expensive yet it joins most of the family together. I was thinking of gifts, gifts, gifts -- this occasion that my kids are always so excited about. I have actually already planned of what to give to each of my kids and i was thinking to give my husband a nudie jeans too!. Anyway, I have found one that really interest me for my 3 1/2 year old son it's called Moon Sand.

Moon Sand is produced in Sweden - it's gluten free and allergy free so it's very much safe for kids, it is like play dough but it's sand like, You can get this as replacement for play dough or clay never dries out, it has specially formulated sand that molds just like dough. The Idea of moon sand is to produce a product that acts like wet beach sand where you can mold them and shape it like sand castle but without any worries with the mess. Below are the Features that explains why i really like moon sand and helps me decided to buy it for my son's Christmas gift.

Features of Moon Sand:
  • Never Dry Out
  • Best Price - Ideal gift for Christmas or in any special occasion.
  • Provides Beach Fun Without a mess
  • Re-usable - Because of it's character which "Never dry out" you can use this again and again.
  • Can be Squished, carved, mold it what ever you want it to be, Basically more like play dough but character wise much better.
  • Many Bright Colors (Ideal for Kids), Glitters that great for girls.
  • Adult can use this as advance free form sculpting medium, because it's soft you can simply model it using your hands.
  • Repels Water, It Floats, can incorporate water into sculpture without any damage.
  • Ready to go, Ready to use in container.
  • You can Bake to transform into a synthetic-like stone which become an ideal for carving material.
  • Easy to clean using normal and safe household cleaner, spray into the sand to sanitize and wash.
What is good with this product is that it's not just your kids will enjoy moon sand and so are you, if you have the artistic skills, you can have a go and have fun or even if you don't have that artistic skill it's going to take your dull, boredom away have a play, be child like and get amazed.
They have Offers Bulk Amount on the Internet, Even larger amount for the same price as target, walmart, or any other retailers so you can really save if you have a lot of kids to give gifts this Christmas. I'll definitely take the moon sand for my boy.

What about You? try moon sand

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