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Growing your blog, growing with your blog

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If you are serious with your blogging then here are some tips that will help you grow your blog and at the same time you grow with your blog too! ooopppss...i do so i hope you too. I am not going to say a lot i will be direct to the point so here they are:
  1. Join Social Networking and start socializing - We all know that there's a lot of opportunity on the web and when you start creating a network, socialized and meeting the right kind of group you can be productive in some ways. Establish your community (This is hard work but worth trying) when you get a pit popular to the network and get more acquaintance, you get connections and you basically know where to go and what is the talk of the town sort of. Try mybloglog and blogcatalog, Technorati, StumbleUpon etc...-- this is where i grow you get to find your target audience in this way too so this is very big opportunity take your time and be patience.
  2. Learn how to communicate - Learn how to think outside the box, make some research before you start your post, make it personalized readers likes to read something that you recommend and tested.
  3. Think Big, Aim Big - Set your Goal to the max "to dream the impossible dream" can help you motivate and be model, Successful Bloggers are there for a reason to be modeled by small bloggers -- Do not be scared Remember: Top Bloggers been to your position too! so you can do what they can, be positive.
  4. Ask for some comments this way you create communications with your readers. You help them feel welcome and needed and part of your blogging.
  5. Make your title more attractive, unique, intriguing and exciting - just like food put some appetizer.
  6. Social Bookmarklets, RSS - Make sure you have this to make it easier for your readers to bookmark your blog and easy for them to come back anytime...Keeping your readers come back for more.
This are just a little bit of many ways to grow your blog -- come back and i will be giving you some other tips for your blog. I hope you like what you read and if you do please do not forget to subscribe or even comment, your opinion matters to me.

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