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Romance Novels

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Can you still remember the time you have the romantic moment with your someone special? i asked because i just finish reading Romance Novels and you know after you read a book you always have that after thought -- ever since i was teenager i read books and i can say i am quite romantic kind of person maybe that is why my love story for me is interesting and romantic.

Romance is very important in our life, even though their are times we set it aside time always bring back to us either something to reminisce or something to forget because it became a hurtful experience -- still part of life.

I once, never put importance the relationship in my life i was sort of focus with my job but time brought me to my romance world -- I met my husband on the Internet out or curiosity at first, then our feelings developed then that is the start of our story began by communicating everyday using our modern technology email, text, IM all sort of communication and it is so much expensive ... until he came to my country and propose we have steady relationship for over 3 years until we get married and we have two kids now and still in love. I am now focus on my family specially my relationship with my husband.

What about you can you share your romantic experience?

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Da Vinci said... at 15/11/07 21:25

I read romance novels also, it's something about their great descriptions that make you giddy inside, my favorite is Tender Touch, By Lynn Emery

If you like a good read check out my blog,

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