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Advantages and disadvantages of linking

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Link is one key to traffic But there is also an advantage and dis-advantages using this strategy.

  • This is very obvious advantage and we all want this -- link bring customers to our site. Most Bloggers received more traffic using links than search engine.
  • One of Search Engines criteria of page ranking is popularity. Popularity counts the numbers of websites linking to your site again, the more links to your site specially when it's related to your site the higher position you get in terms of search engine.
also, if we have links from our sites to other people site - - We are creating a bond with the other bloggers, sharing our knowledge, create a friendship and partnership other advantage is that it makes our site more valuable resource. Visitor will return to our site to refer to the directory of links.

  • It make our effort useless, we worked so hard to attract as much visitor as we can, we want them to read, stay longer and enjoy our site and yet we suggest them to visit other websites -- it create an exit points from our website.
  • The possibility of converting your visitor into sale or if your target is to get subscribers is very slim -- sometimes the links direction is to our competitors site.
Unless you are very confident with your website and know that you can gain your visitors trust and can guaranteed that they will subscribe to your blog then there is nothing to lose.

Bunos Tips: If you linking to other sites or vice versa -- choose a site that is relevant to your subject that way you maintain the interest level of your visitors and subscribers in the topic that they have been exploring with you.

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