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Good and Bad Result of Selling Links

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It's always been a talk all over the Internet, many blogger wanted to increase their ranking for many reason. As with Google, PageRank shows the importance of page and it have very huge impact in the search result, this is their way to decide if your page should be at the top of Search Engine Result and is important.

The past months, Google Drops everyone's PageRank...Reason: Selling links.

Their are blogger that blogging to convert their product into money, selling e-books, affiliates and more, But their are blogger that blogging for money using blog advertising this is decent way of making money online instead of spamming, or scamming. Unfortunately there is good and bad result of selling links that raise question like should blogger be worried if Google drop their page rank to zero?

The obvious reason why it is good selling link is that blogger can make money and if you blogger is really talented and can create very good content advertiser is willing to pay much money -- But then again, the negative/bad result is that blogger get penalize by Google.

So my question is -- Should the blogger that already making money selling link should be worried if Google drop the ranking to zero? Keep on mind that their are time's that advertisers only wanted to buy an ad placement to the blogger that have at least PR3 to higher, or bloggers that have own domain name or in some cases advertisers doesn't really care as long as they get links and get decent, unique ads then they will give their part.

So if you want to make money ask the question first do you really care with the rank of your blog site or you just basically wanted to make money and at the same time provide your readers a unique good content.

It all depend with your preference -- but keep on remembering though that there is always a balance of everything.

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