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Get Basic - Seach Engine Optimization

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So you want to get crawl by search engine to increase your rank and perhaps get more traffic to your website? Then get basic.

What is your objective and purpose to why you want to optimize your site -- basically to increase your ranking so you can get at the top of SERP and bring the traffic to your website. Sometimes the basic is the easiest way of all as long as you know what your doing everything just follow and go with the flow. What is the basic? the most basic of SEO is keywords/market research before you start you have to research the keyword that best describe your site. you can read my post about how to improve your site quality and traffic effectively.

Tips: When it comes with keywords, Think "Big"

Know what is your main purpose of getting traffic, meaning you have to know what type of traffic you want to visit your site when you do this finding the right keyword is much more easier for you so you can start optimising your site. Be Specific -- Using specific keywords/phrases is way to get more you to the top, the more visitor gets to your site the better the conversion you will get.

Use/Choose Long tail keyword -- is more specific keyword

[traffic + Problem = Solution]
  • Traffic - This are the searchers, visitor, people...trying to solve a problem -- this is your target.
  • Problem - This is what the reason they search, people want to resolve there individual issue's in life.
  • Solution - This is what your site can offer a solution to their problem.
Facts -- People wants an instant solution to their problem
... therefore by knowing the basic SEO, knowing your objective and the purpose of your site is the beginning of your SEO and can increase your search engine ranking and conversions and by using the specific long tail keyword push you to the top of the search engine rather than choosing a keyword with the endless possibilities which for me sounds like joining the rat race.

I hope you learn something from this ... i read and learn too and share it to you. So if you want to increase your rank, increase your traffic Be more focus, know what your site can offer and use it as a solution.
"Be Specific -- Direct to the point and everything will just flow like gooey, honey -- Sweet As"

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