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Here is a Method That is Helping new bloggers to monetize thier blog

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Most of the bloggers are still wondering how to make money on their blog although we read to almost money making blogs some idea's, tips and even they spoon feed the money making strategy.

I have listed here the most common and basic way to make money online. Let just make this simple, quick and easy shall we? We all know that the most common, main way to make money from your blog are contextual and to become an affiliate. This two can earn you money by clicking on the ads.

Contextual Ads - By placing a bit of code into your blog the relevant ads will be displayed. The most popular one is or course -- Google Adsense but try to experiment like yahoo! search Marketing, bidvertise, kanoodle etc...This can make more money on your blog because of the ads relates to the content of your blog. What make this very popular though is that there is not so much effort on your behalf. Visitors do not need to buy on the product featured by the contextual advertising instead you can earn money by the clicks made by your visitors.

Affiliate programs - This is commission base money making -- if the link converted into sale and coming from your blog you get paid in terms of commission in a certain percentage. The most common if amazon but there are so many affiliate programs that coming out like auctionads, clickbank is also useful on your blog. This type of monetization is very effective if you have a very particular and specific niche.

Even though this two are very basic and common monetization to your blog -- There are now so much opportunity coming in the blogospheres world at the moment. The most hot monetization is getting paid blogging or blogging advertisement but of course this will be my new topic.

There still many people asking about blog, they do not have any idea about blog and even thought for the most bloggers they already aware about this topic but i am trying to reach those new to blogging and still don't know how to monetize their blog, so i hope you find this informative and helpful.

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