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Way to be discovered by Search Engine

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In order for our blogs to be found in a search engine result we have to be visible and search engine must know we exist. Getting discover by search engine requires a lot of time and effort but we all know that this worth of everythingAll it requires for a search engine to find your blog is link to your blog on another site -- Eventually, the search engines will spider that link and discover your blog.

You can increase the likelihood of being found quickly by getting multiple links for your site out there and by trying to get links that are likely to be spidered quickly.

Large, popular sites (PR3 higher) are frequently spidered and a link on a site of this sort can lead to your blog’s inclusion in the search engines relatively quickly. A link from a frequently indexed site could lead to your blog’s discovery within as little as a day.

TIPS: The most effective and easier ways is to visit blogger's site specially those who have PR3 higher, leave valuable comments not just by the heck of it...but some love and you will get back some love too from search engine.

Things like link trades, submitting articles and directory listings can do the trick. Remember, building these links not only encourages necessary indexing, it also serves as a way of improving long-term traffic, as every link can be helpful.

One more thing though, "Be Patience" it's a virtue of life -- it may take a little while before the big spider crawling your blog do not be frustrated instead continue doing and working on your blog make it search engine friendly follow other traffic generation method keep on updating your contents...If you can Blog 3 times a day with a fresh and unique content much better -- Timing is everything so be patience, put some effort, check your work more often and love your work most of all ;)

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