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5 Steps To Get Relevant Inbound Links

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There are Bloggers that doesn't really care about page rank. For many reason blogger's are get tired of thinking how to get ranked, some are simply don't know to where to start.

I have asked some of our fellow blogger's after google penalized some high ranking PR Site and so i asked some of our fellow blogger if "Does PR Matter Anymore" and here is what some says.
suray - Unfortunately, the markets are still need PR, Google is too dominating the whole of Internet. Many people say that to Internet without Googling is suck! Google does not really has any challenge from its competitors. Moreover, people are getting more and more addict with Google.

Recyclecindy - I don't worry about PR. I don't even know what I am. Does it matter? In the big scheme of things -- I think not.

pjbacolod - It doesn't make much of a difference nowadays. It's only relevant if you want to commercialize your site and apply for referral/income generation programs. You'll still be able to have good visibility and might even end up on top of a search engine results page even with a zero page rank, that's if you write good content and know what keywords to target.

But, whatever reason...we all wanted to get traffics to our site you may want to forget the page rank, forget the seo - - but we need traffic and by needing that one effective strategy is to get inbound links to your site, good and relevant link and this is gonna hurt those below PR3 or lower page rank because not all inbound link are equal. Site that are highly ranking are more important than lower rank sites and this is the reality, this is why their is page rank because it shows the importance of your page.
  1. Research your linking prospect - Prospect those PR3 higher.
  2. Organize your list, Rate them according to their Page Rank divide them into two -- Priority One - this is the site you most likely want to link with then priority two - This is not so attractive to you but yeah! it's alright...;) after this start requesting links to track the result.
  3. Contact your Priority One, request the linking personalise your letter this is a bit hard because they are not going to just give you the link remember they are the important so you have to work very hard with this guys to win their links, don't worry because the results will be worth it.
  4. Now it's time to give priority two a test this are the site that are not highly regarded by search engine do not spend so much time.
  5. Be Persistent! some site owners specially the PR3 higher are no just going to hand you over the link they need some loving.
"Multiple blog links to a given page can very quickly increase that single page's ranking"

Remember though that link alone is not enought to increase your search engine ranking as i have mentioned on "how to improve your site quality and traffic effectively" Site linking should be related to each other or else it doesn't do you any good, It doesn't make sense to get many incoming links if your web site doesn't have much content. If search engines find that the links to your web site and the content on your web site match, they will give your web site high search engine rankings for its topic.

Sometimes you find it difficult to get the contact detail of blogger's/site owners specially when they do not put their email add on their sites, but with facebook, blogcatalog,mybloglog or any other social networking you can always just ask them, leave them message by using this it makes your job a little be easier.

If you don't have better PR do not be disappointed, work hard, optimize your site, make some connection, visit blogcatalog and learn from our fellow bloggers their and grow. Enjoy whatever you do! try to make some fun and everything will just be in place.

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