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Setting up boundaries: personal and blog

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Here are some tips for bloggers specially for the new bloggers because sometimes we overlook stuff and we put our self into sticky, crazy, scary situation. What i am talking about here is our personal life and blogging.
When you're blogging, should you mention your house address, home phone number or other personal detail? Do you feel uncomfortable sharing information with that creepy stranger you just met at the grocery store? if yes then i suggest not to mention names, even your child's name or anything that is so personal on your blog. It is okay to say "my husband or my kids" because remember, that if you post that information on your blog, you just expose your self into trouble.

"You have to remember that your blog has a global audience whether you know it or not"
Setting up boundaries with your personal life and your blog is very important not just protecting yourself and your life and besides it is not really that necessary to publish your personal detail so that people reads you blog -- we all know that readers want the content of your blog. I all we do we sometimes set boundaries why not this one too! you're going to thank yourself if you do.

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