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AsiaMedia :: To blog or not to blog?

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I came across this blog which for me is interesting AsiaMedia :: To blog or not to blog?.

If you are going to read this, it speaks the truth but then again for me maybe true in some cases specially when he give one example:
"And the bloggers who think they are popular are always just a little bit amusing. Verging on sad.

For example, one Jakartan blogger I have read likes to apologize to his readers online if he has failed them (ie: if he hasn't posted anything in a few days).

I sometimes wonder and think I may be his only reader.

But the opportunity to remark on a blog's content is rarely, if ever, taken.

The text "Comments [0]" seems quite common.

This, then, leads me to wonder whether bloggers are in-truth just sad and lonely people nobody cares about or listens to.

Are they just lost souls who believe friendship, nay, intimacy can be found within a flickering computer screen?

If this is true for most bloggers, then I'm quite sure I don't want to be one."

But for other's blogging is sometimes expressing freedom -- you can say what you feel, what you think and very unlimited.

Please share what you think about this blog...because for me this is very interesting.

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