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Holiday Cheer Throughout the Year!

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Are you the kind of person that wanted to saves the money as much as you can? i am. I was watching the movie of Queen Latifa the other night "The Holiday" and i was like laughing and at the same time relates with the way she handles her money she uses the coupons to save the smallest amount she can save. and now holiday season is just few months away Halloween just finishes, then thanksgiving next thing you know the whole town covered with lights, and you started decorating your Christmas trees and stuffing stockings! time travel so fast, i mean i just finished paying off my credit card and now i need to spend again.

...Thanks to, because now i don't need to worry with my gift shopping and spending. You can be Santa in your household now if you like with no worries at all.

Make a wish list of your household family members, love one's including your extended family if you can, then think of the most amazing gift you would buy for them - What i did with my kids is that i ask them questions but i made it not obvious that i just need an information of what they wanted to my younger one i just put on the list what i thought would be great for them according to their favorite i also included my only sister in-law she is so much into bags so i am glad ebags saves my day -- it makes my gift shopping more easier -- oh! yeah, Don't forget your pets! kitty and buster don't want to miss all the fun too! petco deals is ready for you ;)

I have so much fun getting ready for this Christmas because i have promo codes for my spending...not like the other year that i never have so much savings. I was looking of spending something for myself as well Bestbuy and overstock is for me. I am going to go gaga with my shopping because couponchiefs made it cheaper for me.

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