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How to Improve your site quality and traffic effectively

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I have read a lot of fellow bloggers that they are not that much informed about SEO but wanted to improve the quality of their site and generate more traffic to their blog. I have collected some tips on how to start optimizing your site to be more effective with your readers and at the same increase you page rank.

  • Start with keywords, keyword research is very important and even more vital -- try different keywords, see whats working and see whats not and what keyword you can implement. Fortunately, Google have created the best tool which allowing us to generate as many keywords and keyword phrases
    as we can and ever needed, this will give us keyword idea's.
  • Keyword effectiveness Index - Make sure that keyword is compatible with search engine or crawler friendly. KEI can give you an idea on how important your keyword as it calculated on the average search volume or estimated number search results, which you can find it here.
  • Do not use too many keywords.
Good Content
  • Write something people wants to read, something informative, fresh and new, Try to be a leader in your blogging the first to deliver the news and how to do this is to subcribe to news, rss..I have some idea's of site where you can subscribe or read to keep yourself updated with the news and what to add to your content Few Tips for Bloggers.
  • Keep it easy to read. Be Concise.
  • Update your content regularly.
  • Search Engine have trouble crawling site that' have heavy java script or flash.
Good Links
  • This is very important matter of fact experts says it is your best way to get site index. Make sure that link is relevant to your site it helps you more than the not relevant links it is more tend to hurt your site and not very helpful that much.
  • Proper anchor text.
  • Make your content appealing not just to your potential target but to more wider targets this way it gets more of webmasters linking you without you making too much of the effort because they find your content worth reading and sharing.
"Tips: -- Try to look at your competitions site, compare of how many links he got, challenge yourself -- make a race to catch up"
Check links Use this: link: Your URL or YOUR COMPETITORS URL

Be Consistent -- Try different ways one by one, do not try too many too soon let it absorb so you can identify the effectiveness and see the result.

I have search and find this few tips i have tried, tested some helps me get the PR3 and some i am still working on it but it is all depend on how much dedication we have to our site and how much time we are prepare to give to it. SEO is sometimes hard for newly bloggers like me but sometimes after you follow some steps and done once, can says it's kind of fun and easy too...happy blogging ;)

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Above the Influence said... at 11/11/07 14:38

hey thanks that really helps. I'm going to do that google thing right now, thanks for the information. I found you off blogcatalog btw.

Above the Influence said... at 11/11/07 14:42

hey thanks for the help i'm doing that google thing right now, I found you off blog catalog btw

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