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Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) Hide it or Replace them to RSS, Here's How

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Some blogger want to remove the Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) but for some they just replace the Atom to RSS. I will share to you how to remove it, if that's what you want and also will show you how to replace to RSS instead.

Here at TBN i decided to replace Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) to Subscribe to: Posts (RSS) -- scroll down and you will see the demo.

Here is the easy way to actually hide it

Go to your Dashboard - Layout - Edit HTML
Hit Ctrl+F type .feed-links { (You will then directly see the CSS Code)
Add this Code

This is what the whole Feed-link CSS code should look like

.feed-links {
clear: both;
line-height: 2.5em;

Then save your template and it should be hiding now.

Replace the Atom to RSS

Save your template to make sure that when you make mistake you can still go back to your old settings.

Go to your Dashboard - Layout - Edit HTML
Click Expand Widget Template
Ctrl+F find this code
<a class='feed-link' expr:href='data:f.url' expr:type='data:f.mimeType' target='_blank'><> (<data:f.feedType/>)</a>

When you get to this code replace them Atom code to RSS code below, preview first and if happy then save it.
<a class='feed-link' expr:href='data:f.url + "?alt=rss"' type='application/rss+xml' target='_blank'><> (RSS)</a>

You should have RSS now instead of Atom or have hid them, if that's what you have choosed.


Replace Atom to RSS is based to PurpleMoggy's Blog.

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prochaotic said... at 24/11/08 18:05

Thanks so much for helping me with the posts (Atom) thing...I don't even know how it got it a virus? I think it messed up my computer coz' when I first saw it i tried to open it. What is it? Can you email me to tell me what it is? thanks again so much! it worked! mary

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