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Use Adsense For Search in your site

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Let's make the most of adsense. I have been using Adsense since i started blogging but never get any chance to see the full use of Adsense. We all know that putting adsense ads on our blog is way of making money but for most we never use or get notice the Adsense for Search this is another way of making money using adsense. Lets make the most of Adsense.

Today i will show you how to put it in your blog using as your search page. Most of our readers or visitors navigate our sites and look for more or our content they use site search, why not use Adsense and make money at the same time. Here's how to do it.

Adsense For Search

  1. Open your Adsense Account, if you don't have one you can Register it's Free.
  2. Once your in go to Adsense Set-up then choose Adsense for Search follow the instruction. 
  3. You will given a choices look at the image below --  this is what i have done with mine

  4. When you get this "Opening of search results page
    Choose whether you would like your search results to open on Google or within your site" What i did is that i made a new page for search result then put the link there. if you just want it within your site just put your site URL.
  5. Submit and Get Code, you will be given two set of codes ... first code is your form and second code is the result page. 

Place the Search Form and Page Result in your Site

  1. Copy the first Code then Go to your Dashboard - Layout - Page Elements then add a gadget scroll down until you get to HTML/Javascript then paste the first code there.
  2. then Save.
For the Page Result: This is the Option if you don't want it to open in a separate page
  1. Edit HTML - Save your template for safety (Do not click Expand Widget Template)
  2. Ctrl+F <div id='main-wrapper'> then paste the Search Results Code below (Just after) main wrapper then save.

Want the Result in a New Page

  1. Create a new Post
  2. Paste the Search Results Code then ... scroll down then click Post Options; Back Date (You can read my post about How not to Show Your Post Date When you make your about me page)
  3. When your done, save then go to your dashboard and look at the URL of the post that you just made then Edit the setting of your Adsense for Search.
  4. When you get this "Opening of search results page
    Choose whether you would like your search results to open on Google or within your site" then tick

    http://www.yoursiteurl/search-result.html Enter URL where search results will be displayed 
Important: If you make changes with your setting, make sure you change the Form box code aswell as the Search Result Code.

I hope you find it easy to understand, additional income is sweet using adsense search.

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Fisherman said... at 8/11/08 04:13

Excellent advice and very clearly explained. It is such an easy way to add another element that can make money to your blog.

Sue said... at 20/11/08 07:53

I did this. I did show within my own blog on a search results page. But how do I get the search results to show in the page? Mine are showing up on the bottom right side of my page. How do I get them to be centered in the page? Thanks for any help.

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