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CSS Sites to Visit

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If you are thinking of learning or even want to understand CSS i have listed a list of sites i love to read and visit every now and then. You will find a very helpful tutorials.
In no particular order here they are:
  1. W3Schools - Here's where i started learning and understanding the CSS, HTML and all the technical word and tutorials. Still a use for some of Successful Website designers.
  2. 456 Berea Street - Demo of one of Roger Johansson tutorial. You can find a lot of useful tutorial easy and help you understand CSS.
  3. Smashing Magazines - Not just Freebies, Graphics, showcases but tutorials and CSS can be found her. I love reading this site so much to learn, actually so much to get.
  4. Web designer Wall - Love the design of the site, but i love the tutorials aswell. You will not get bored in this site.
  5. Eric Meyer - Try this one, simple explanation and easy to follow tutorials.
  6. CSS Discuss Wiki - Discussions about CSS, techniques for page-layout and more...
  7. Stop Design - this is a creative outlet of Douglas Bowman.
  8. CSS beauty - News, Job, Community, Tutorials and books and more there so much to learn about CSS here.
  9. CSS Tutorial- This is full of tutorials that are easy and really good place to begin with.
  10. Echoecho - I like this site, you can follow the tutorials.
I hope you find this all useful, even though you think you don;t have the skills but when you blog, it is important to understand them aswell. To those bloggers who love to tweak and play with thier templates i am sure you will enjoy visiting this sites.

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Hicham said... at 18/11/08 14:21

Yes useful indeed! CSS is worth to know for every blogger, at least the basic principles, to be aware about how the theme of your blog is working and maybe you can tweak it if you wish.

Iris said... at 18/11/08 14:26

True, i think a little bit of understanding is very important ... we need our site to be easy to navigate for our visitors and we can't always run to someone to help us.

Stephan Miller said... at 10/12/08 03:03

I remember when I made the switch from tables to CSS finally. It takes a bit of learning but it worth it. You can do amazing stuff with CSS.

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