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Feel like you want to create a new logo or just want to doodle?

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This is just a quick post. I have doodling and my mind is not really in good condition to make proper post, but i decided to share you some sites where you can play around for your Logo or header.

Most of the Blogger really settled already for their site logo or header but some are still looking for great resource and at the same time easy to use too!..

That word should be "This is my very first ART, Not Bad" but hey i didn't notice it, sorry about that.

The links that i will share are the sites that you can use in quickie way. You can play around and once you are happy then that is the time you save them and use them as you logo or header.

  1. Acme Label Maker - Just type the text and click then you will see the result, very quick.

  2. Scribbler - Scribble any text you want, or do some doodling then click done drawing from there do some setting and you good to's fun.

  3. 3dtextmaker - I love this one, you have a great control and a lot of text design to choose from.

  4. image Reflection Generator - This is when your done and you want more -- then put some reflection. I have seen a lot of bloggers using reflection in their text logo, try it you might like it. You can even use it for images.

  5. Picassohead - I am having fun with this one, make a head in a very artistic way.

There so much more but i need to find them, i am sure they are just there somewhere buried in my bookmarked sites, they are too many and i need to do some cleaning in my bookmarks including my toolbar Folders.

I hope you find this useful and if you have additional which am sure you have some resources aswell, please do share them.

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MsRay said... at 11/11/08 07:37

I'm glad I discovered your site. I had fun playing with the tools you recommended here. Thanks for sharing.

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