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Placing Ribbon Rules

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One of my favorite veerle's blog have this really cool site design and one that i like is the ribbon. I found this generator from Dynamic Drive Tools to make it more easier for you to generate a horizontal alternating colors or as it calls "Ribbon Rules".
What i like with this generator is that it gives you an option to use a random colors only choosing a one color as your base or to individually select colors that you like using color picker or if you already knew the hex color code you can just place it on each section hit generate if not happy try again or reset until your satisfied, how hard can it be?

You are also given a CSS code to use, so for newbie or those who are not familiar with coding it easy as ABC.'s what to do if you want to use ribbon rules with blogger.
  1. Go to Dynamic Drive Tools Ribbon Rules Generator to generate your ribbon.
  2. Follow the instruction and upload them to Photobucket, Google Pages or any of your image hosts.
  3. Go to your Blogger Dashboard - Layout - Edit HTML
  4. In your Keyboard Hit Ctrl+F then type body { (If it won't work just look for this Code manually)
  5. Then Add the CSS Code given; This is what the code look like once your done.

background:#1f2a22 url(ribbon.gif) top left repeat-x;
padding-top: 10px;

You can always change the hex color code to anything background color you want. This is simple yet make your site look neat and stylish. I hope you like it and have fun with colors.

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Iris said... at 31/10/08 13:18

I like it here in my blog, it's not too much and simple yet adds colors.

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