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I have been so busy lately. My hubby is away for 2 weeks and only me and the kids and i am really glad the kids are so behave, they surely knew that mommy needs their help. I praised my son and he say's daddy ask me to behave while he's away, and it is amazing how 4 years old take responsibility although the matter of fact because i asked my husband if he really ask him to behave while he is away "he did not" but he did behave.

My kids is a big help for me during the days i worked with southernplate template, they just play beside me, watch their favorite program and just quite. I really feel accomplished and she love her new look...please pay her a visit because you will surely like everything in her, lot of them and yummy and easy to prepare.

It's spring here in New Zealand and this past days i was enjoying the day because the cold air is slowly fading and is sunny and beautiful. Today, my son's kindy is celebrating their 100 years old birthday and i stayed in, help out the teachers and i really enjoy the time with the kids -- of course enjoying the sun at the same time. They have sack race, egg and spoon race will going outside the house now and will take advantage of the sunny day, who knows what is it going to be tomorrow because here in New Zealand you can get windy, rainy and sunny just in one day. so while it's sunny i would like to get out and enjoy it and spend my time with my kiddo. :)

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Tina - Mommys Kitchen said... at 16/10/08 10:45

Southern Plates blog is so so awesome you did a great job. Chisty is so excited about her new site you made it very very pretty.

Iris said... at 16/10/08 12:07

Hi! Tina,

Thank you Tina, With the help of Christy of course, she is very consistent and know of what she wants and i am so glad that she like her new look.

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