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Build Your Pepperjam Store Builder Now!

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Have you joined Pepperjam yet?. Not like Adsense, pepperjam won't limit the ads you can place on your site. I noticed that most of bloggers like to have full control over their blog, that is why you hosted your own site, you buy your own domain etc...that's the same with Pepperjam you have all the control.

Pepperjam Store Builder allows you to build product store front very quickly and so easy. Here are things you do to build your virtual store, just to give you an idea aside from the self explanatory images (Click the image for a bigger preview) ; You select the products you want, choose a category then you can refine the result further by filtering the keywords. You can also customize to match with your site or to make it look more outstanding to get more attention it's all depend with your strategy -- when done, code the code then your done, your store is up and running without any hassle.

Before, creating a store front needed some understanding of php or any coding etc...but with Pepperjam Store Builder you can create them so quick without needing any expertise.

There are so many products to choose from, you find a partner and in less than 30 seconds you have a fully functional product feed storefront. I have included an image so that you can see the what it look like when you start building your store front. What really good is that they provided a Live Demo to help you more and make it more quicker and easier for you to build your store.

If you have not joined yet, this is your chance -- nothing to lose but something to gain.

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Dave (AffiliateBestPrograms) said... at 25/10/08 12:15

Pepperjam is really making waves in the affiliate network industry. The Store Creator is one of the hottest tools available for affiliates and it took me all of a half an hour to create a great store on one of my domains. Already made two commissions from it !!!!

tony dee said... at 28/10/08 14:19

I really don't like the basic layout of the flat RSS feeds from Pepperjam's system. I will continue to use my own community's feeds from ebay related keyword auctions.

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