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Slideshow using Wowzio

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How do you like slideshow? Do you have any hobby -- say sewing, designing, jewelry making, bedding or are you an artist and wants to show some of your work? Slideshow is most of the time saves space, time and also can capture a lot of attention of your visitors and readers. I have seen a lot of slideshows in fact i use one in the template that i just have done i use Jondesign's smooth gallery check it out too!

There is one that is easy to use which i have seen a few bloggers are using now and i see it really is great, i can see their older post and i click in them and link to each post aswell very neat it's so simple to use and i thought that i will post something about this because this is a widget that every blogger even those that are not familiar with CSS, Javascipt or any other code can use this, all you have to do is put your url or feeds then just follow the steps then done.

Wowzio is not just another widget, it is a widget that will help you engage more with your readers, simple, clean and no work in your side. just have fun and enjoy the slideshow. What they do after you put your blog url is that they will extract interesting images in your site and start from there.

Just try it and have fun with it, work with the customization, size and where to place them which ussually most of professional designer place the slideshow at the top where most people can see but it's all up to you, just have fun with it...there's so many widget to choose from depend with your need.

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Vivek Barun said... at 19/10/08 19:27

yeah i have used it looks great. but i needed a slideshow of some of my selected photos.
the google slideshow for blogger is very small. i want a big one like wowzio, any suggestions?

bonoriau said... at 19/10/08 22:13

I'm using 3 of the facilities: slideshow, recent article and tag cloud at my Bonoriau Blog

bluecrystaldude said... at 19/10/08 22:27

I think your blog is very informative. I love your new template though :)

On related post, I already tried to use this kind of slideshow before. However, my readers complained that my page load even slower. So, I took it down. Anyway, I think the best way to put a slideshow is just like you use. Small, but still accessible. Keep up your good work :D

Iris said... at 21/10/08 11:18


You can use Wowzio and you can customize the size but if you don't want something more professional(No button at the bottom) you can always use the jonsdesign mootools the link found in the same post and try it.

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